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  • I'm glad to hear it works now :thumbup:

    MeesterMaarten wrote:

    Any advise on graphics settings to make sure that this driver does not explode? I don't mind low details, just want to play!
    The new Intel drivers are much better than the old ones, so there is usually not much to worry about ^^ Some people with an Intel HD Graphics adapter experienced a few visual issues with water, this can be fixed by disabling water post processing, but this only affects certain driver versions (so unless you run into any issues, I wouldn't touch these settings).

    But if you want to improve your framerate, you can reduce the view distance and especially the detail distance and grass distance, and disable "light scattering", "ambient occlusion", "refractions" and / or "water reflections" - these settings have the biggest impact on performance ;)
  • Edit: I don't know what happend... but i've had an auto-update after installing the Intel drivers manually and now Rising World is working!

    Thanks alot @red51! :thumbsup:

    Any advise on graphics settings to make sure that this driver does not explode? I don't mind low details, just want to play! :saint:

    With kind regards,

  • Thanks for the logs :) This crash is caused by the graphics driver: The old Intel HD graphics drivers are broken and have insufficient OpenGL support. Intel fixed these issues in newer drivers, but unfortunately some laptop manufacturers use custom drivers and don't keep them up-to-date. You could try to download and install the latest driver from the HP homepage, this is the link (go to "Driver-Graphics" and download and install the "Intel Video Driver and Control Panel"):…4540s-notebook-pc/5229455

    If that doesn't fix the issue, you should try to download and install the genuine Intel driver (download the win64 exe):…dows-15-33-?product=81499

    If you cannot install this driver and get an error message, HP indeed forces you to use their custom (outdated) drivers. However, there is a workaround to force install the Intel drivers manually (at your own risk):…4540s-notebook-pc/5229455
  • as you have an HP pro book I thing you may have a software to see if you need updates ;)
    try to see in your windows menu if you have that in the HP section ;)
    or go on the HP site, look driver section ;) I think it is the first best way
    I am using driver clouds but I don't know from where you are and if it is avalaible in your country ;)
  • Rising World Crashing - World Loading


    Hello Client Help,

    It seems that my Rising World is crashing when trying to load a World. 'Press J for Journal' is popping up on screen, but the rest remains white untill the client crashes.

    I did a computer reset in the near past, so it might be Driver related... I've had some problems in the past with starting up the game after purchasing the game, but Red send me a link with an updated driver and this fixed the problem. Unfortunately this was a long time ago and the link is currently lost and probably outdated. I just want to start playing Rising World again! :saint:

    I'l post some errors in Pastebin. Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

    With kind regards,


    • Drivers.png

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