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A new status update is available! It contains some screenshots comparing the lights and shadows in the new and old version.

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  • Do you mean the lamps do not emit light (i.e. the room is still dark after placing a lamp), or is the lamp itself unlit (i.e. the bulb appears to be black)? The latter issue is unfortunately a limitation of how the lamps are currently rendered, this will be changed in the near future :)
  • Simple lamp not lit

    Blue Painted

    I'm not sure if this is me of the game (v0.9.5.7) - I've made and placed two simple lamps and they aren't lit. When I did this on a different world they simple lamp was always on. I'm playing survival mode.

    I've tried clicking and F-key but I'm at a loss.

    Thanks for any help.

    Edit: I changed computer (to my big one with real graphics) and I can see the light effect but the bulbs don't show as being lit ... maybe the light effect is my gamma setting.