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  • Fast Travel

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    Currently they can't be used as beacons as you can only have 1 active re-spawn point (only activating upon death ofc) at a time. The only way to have fast travel points is by setting them with a plugin e.g. GPS, Teleport, Portals, etc. (not sure if there is another one).

  • Easter EGGstravaganza March 23rd 7 pm est and March 24th 3pm est. Contests for Artisans players will be a Basket decorating contest and an egg decorating contest. For the other servers that want to come over and check it out there will be an Easter egg hunt that you can participate in. Rules for the Basket and egg decorating contest are as follows: - No getting anything off the forums - no partner builds - no fly for the Easter egg hunt. The prizes will be handmade player blue prints. And last b…

  • Zitat von handzon: „Hey Elspeth, i see No one has given any advice to this problem your having, it amazes me that with all the RW members on this Forum not 1 person is willing to help ! “ I find your comment and generalisation (noone on the forums wants to help others) to the least insulting to my person who always have been on the forums replying and trying to help wherever I can. But thing is I am not a streamer so I can't possibly know anything about the question asked thus couldn't reply to …

  • I believe the incompatibility only happens on servers when one player is using the pnb or gps GUI and another is at the same time trying to name animals

  • Press F3,the coords are in the top right of all the numbers that appear

  • Default spawn point for new players?

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    That works for servers too, yes

  • first of all when you are subtracting two int values you do not need to cast the result to an int since it already is an int value. So get rid of the "(int)". then your GetAmount value is the content of player 1's wallet, but you are using that to set the final amount on the wallets of both players. That makes no sense, you should get the amount of each player's wallet (i.e. GetAmountP1, GetAmountP2) and then add to the one, subtract from the other (i.e. int TotalP1 = GetAmountP1 - GiveAmount, a…

  • bug in Miwarre's RWGUI plugin, has been there for ages, doesn't cause any problems just ignore it

  • well it wouldn't make sense to put a general permission to deny access to all chests since the game has no idea whose each chest is, but there is both an areaprotection script that can be used to deny access as well as a ChestProtection plugin

  • Problem with Permissions

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    your problem is in the spezial perm file. Use this instead of what you wrote: (i.e.first the deny all statement and then the allow some statement) Quellcode (29 Zeilen)

  • Good thoughts. Let's see what red's opinion is on this Zitat von LordFoobar: „For example, a checkbox component child to a panel does not have the same state on Player1 than on Player2, so why would the parent panel be updated on both players at the same time? If UI elements are properly cached on the client and synchronized with the server, there shouldn't be memory leaks and performance should not be impaired by it whatsoever. “ What I did to prevent this was to add the whole GUI panel as an a…


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    for a start add a password to the admin account on the computer and of course don't tell them the password then install the games on the admin account only and create a second account for them to do their homework, kinda like a guest account but with a few more privileges for them to be able to open an internet browser if they need it or word/excel/powerpoint/etc. Another solution is to block all games using an antivirus so that they require admin password to launch. Again they would need to be …

  • Zitat von PatrickBronke: „Nothing is coming, when I type /wp in the chat. “ Zitat von yahgiggle: „ATM i have not added any commands but they are coming “ Asked and answered there are no commands

  • Zitat von LordFoobar: „What plugin have you coded that uses the GUI API? “ One that you shouldn't be aware of yet. Not public as it is still in development. Zitat von LordFoobar: „Also note that nearly half of the the listed plugins that do have a GUI are written by Miwarre... And only 2 or 3 others are significant enough that a change would break their UIx. All the others are basically only labels and single menu panels. “ I would never use another player's plugin as the base for mine. One cann…

  • Zitat von LordFoobar: „Or am I really the only one finding an issue with this? “ tbf I have no idea why you are finding this an issue. It is really not that hard to figure out where the coordinates are, just a matter of willingness to get used to a different system. The most straightforward way to design anything imo is bottom to top and left to right, I find the top to bottom to be the "weird" way

  • wow ok has never taken me this long to find a place even on SP max 1-2 hours even w/o fly mode on my survival worlds. well what you can do is ask for a smaller area and then once you build it get either an extension or a second area on a different location. No moving claims is not something we do on AR. First you build the area you claimed and then you get extensions or new claims.

  • well depends how much time you take to choose the claim. If you gather 5-6 hours of playtime w/o picking a place then well that is not acceptable since the first rank is at 8 hours of playtime, but taking 1-2 hours to pick a claim is ok. That is why we have the portals to take you out to areas far away where you can easily find open unclaimed land.

  • Well in AR specifically we have a ranking system, you cannot get ranked up w/o picking a spot to claim, this is how the server is set up and we cannot start making exceptions to the rules because then everyone will want to become an exception. Yes you don't have the authority to place custom 3D models on AR because we don't have the ObjectLoader plugin installed, that is mainly because it saves the objects in the world database and we don't want t rink it getting corrupted. If you really want to…

  • Zitat von migdyn: „It's possible. Just extract /data/assets/models.jar AND /data/assets/textures.jar “ by extracting and repacking these two files you can not really add new models and textures to the game, instead you can replace the existing ones with your new ones. So if you replace the sheep model and texture with a car model you will have small cars moving around in the place of sheep, there is no way to keep all the existing models and add new ones this way. You can use the java API to cre…

  • well the blueprint texture editor is not a plugin, thus not found in the plugins section of this forum but the mods one. It is a standalone application thus not accessible through the game. To run it simply double click the .jar file, no need to move it to a specific directory or extract it or do w/e else you might do with it.