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  • I wonder also if in the future Red can make it so that fog doesn't go through blocks.

  • Zitat von zfoxfire: „In short, yes. Red even posted some screenshots of super far rendering that he was experimenting with. The draw distance was probably 2 or 3 times the distance. He said it caused performance issues so it probably needs an extra "level of detail" (currently there are only two) for super far. I hope he can pull off the type of distance rendering you see in 7D2D. I wish I had the link to share. it was onSteam somewhere. but here is a sample “ That looks great. I have a good com…

  • Hello. Basically what I mean is, currently we can't see our builds from a very long distance away, at least I don't think the same long distance as the horizon, even at max chunk viewing distance. I understand there may be performance issues with increasing the limit, but in the future, will we get the option to increase the chunk view distance even further, and the ability to view our builds from farther away?

  • Zitat von Candyman: „I'm so excited to have found this game and have the opportunity to see it grow from a young age (games age). Keep up the good work, I keep spreading the word! Another satisfied 20+ year gamer! “ Yes, this game is certainly exciting to discover!

  • Zitat von zfoxfire: „"I love Rising World because it's like Minecraft on crack." I hear this analogy quite often but yeah, the feeling is the same. Istarted gaming over 20 years ago but lost interest between High School and Half Life 2 then lost interest again. It wasn't until Minecraft came around that my interest renewed. Then when I stumbled across Rising World I picked it up in a heardbeat as it satisfied my desire for a non-blocky type of Minecraft game. I'm really looking forward to seeing…

  • Thank you for the reply. I'm excited for the future of the game.

  • Another thing that I need to add: I am extremely grateful and thankful and I love love love the fact that this game can be played offline. That is actually the absolute most important feature in a game for me. Because I prefer having a game on my hard drive as opposed to having to rely on a server, because I don't always have a stable internet connection so it's nice to know that I can play this game offline as I also prefer playing alone in my own world.

  • Hello all, if you would be so kind as to take a moment to read my feedback on the game, I greatly appreciate it and thank you in advance. I'll start with some background info. I have been looking for a game like this for almost the past 5 years. I've been gaming for the past 20 years. So you can imagine my excitement when, upon discovering this game in January of this year. I first learned about it after just randomly browsing the Steam store. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect at first, but w…

  • Hello everyone, I'm just curious. Does anyone know how big a world is in the game?

  • Hello all, just curious, will there ever be rivers added to the game? I love the lakes, but it would be nice to have rivers as well.

  • This game is amazing!

    AlphaWolf777 - - Rising World Discussion


    I bought this game earlier this month and I already have a lot of hours on it. It is by far the best early access game that I have ever played! I have never played an early access that had this much content, it's great! I found this game on steam earlier this month because I had been thinking: "There's just gotta be a game out there that is open world sandbox and has good graphics." And to my pleasant surprise, I found Rising World. This has already become my favorite game, and I am very excited…