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  • Hey there, there is no such bug in the game atm so she is probably just doing something wrong with the keys. Is she holding the left/right click or the interaction key down for long enough for the actions/animations to complete? If the animation doesn't complete nothing will happen. Are you maybe using area protection and she is not added to the area she is in? In that case it would make sense that she wouldn't be able to interact with anything. Do you have any group permissions set up on your s…

  • There is currently an issue with the blueprint undo command (undoblueprint) and the building is not fully deleted. With placement there is no known issue atm

  • Hey, first of all this is the thread of the published version of the Blueprint Texture Editor: Blueprint Texture Editor version 0.2 Block replacing is planned but it is not implemented yet, I am not sure when I will have the time to add the missing features to the editor as I am really busy atm irl. For replacing blocks for now you can use the creative mode F6 placement tool.

  • VaultCubes - Modular Mining Cubes

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    To add images you just drag and drop the .jpg or .png or w/e they are files in the text window when you are typing a new message. Then just click submit and they will be added, you don't need to specifically add them as thumbnails to your message. The modular parts look nice

  • Area within Area? 0.o"

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    The AP plugin is not fully functional and has bugs atm. The developer Miwarre has been away for quite a few months again so we have no information as to when he will come back to possibly finish it. What you want can be done with the AP Lua script atm if I am not mistaken.

  • Can you post a screenshot of your spawn area? If it is too heavily built with PnB then it can take a long time to load for new people and thus they fall through the world. The setspawn command sets the spawn point of all new players and they will 100% spawn on that point, if they then fall through the world that is another problem. Have you tried changing the spawn to a completely different location to test? Where are you running your server? Is it company rented or are you running it off your h…

  • I don't think what you are asking is possible with the old Lua AreaProtection script. The new plugin is not fully functional yet so you would need to write your own plugin to do what you are asking for. Miwarre hasn't been here for quite a while so I would assume he is really busy irl to make plugins for a game atm. PS: they are called signs not shields

  • Ah no I don't point on the other block, that causes overlaps. I point on the ground next to the block and try to get the next one as close as possible to the already placed one. Sometimes as the game offsets it a bit from rounding errors you need to point slightly next to the already placed block to get them to touch exactly

  • Zitat von Deirdre: „0.1 x 10 is not block size “ but 0.1 x 10 is block size as I have shown above you just need to place them very carefully....

  • No I fully understand you there is no misunderstanding. What I am saying is that the way you place the 0.1 blocks causes your gaps, you can place them without any gap as I did in my screenshot above. I place them by aiming with the mouse and hitting right click not using Ctrl or any other key. 10 woodbeams of size 0.1 0.1 0.1 make exactly 1 block length if placed properly. You are not placing them carefully enough thus you have gaps. See screenshots below how I replicated your U shaped box exper…

  • Back row (red/yellow) are blocks, Front row (green/blue) are size 1 1 1 woodbeams:…72aa8ed2b845ec0b8e644868f Small row (black/purple) are size 0.1 0.1 0.1 woodbeams:…72aa8ed2b845ec0b8e644868f Left side close up you see no gap:…72aa8ed2b845ec0b8e644868f Right side close up you see again no gap:…72aa8ed2b845ec0b8e644868f

  • If you want to keep gaps to the minimum then it is better to use "modular snapping" with the Enter key. This way construction elements are aligned directly on one another

  • Just saw this post, your small gap is probably caused by tiny overlaps in the small woodbeam blocks. Construction elements are not that easy to place without the tiniest overlap

  • dimensions of a block

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    A block is 0.5m exactly, i.e. doors that are 4 blocks high i.e. 2m for an average 1.7m person to easily go through them.

  • Teleport

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    Depends on which one you want, look in the plugins' section of the forum to find them all

  • Teleport

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    You can use the Portals plugin to set that up (link in my signature)

  • General info blocks

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    Well if you enter 1 1 10 that means 1 block length in X, 1 block length in Z, and 10 block lengths in Y. if you want to make something small you need to go for 0.1 0.1 0.5 for example

  • Zitat von Radiohead: „After the update, the character has become taller. Please, return the previous growth, but because of this, I now can not normally go into rooms with low ceilings. Because of this, I can not climb into the pipes, the character does not fit into the space at all. “ The fact that you could until now do those things at those height was the bug. This bug has been fixed now so unfortunately the only thing I can say is from now on build higher structures PS: the doors always were…

  • Well this is why the permission system/area protection exist to block new players/potential griefers from doing exactly that. People like them unfortunately exist and we server owners/admins have seen a lot come into our servers.

  • Zitat von lenko: „Hey wenn ich die Zeit habe, kann ich gern etwas helfen, bei mir ist es eben genau anders rum. Mit dem Englisch ist Google mein bester Freund “ na ja keine Sorge ich schaue mal selbst und wenn du was falsch siehst du kannst es korrigieren