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  • So very helpful.. the players on my server are very happy now that i know how the rewards work. thank you very much for the info on everything here it came in VERY handy for our information center on the server nowi dont have to type it all out a million times a day lol Thank you again, Destiny Owner/Admin Rising Against Humanity

  • grand theather

    Coachlori2012 - - Blueprints


    AMAZING work.. . can't wait to add it to my server (i will post a sign on it saying you are the builder) This is exactly what i have been looking for and i just started playing a few months ago so i just now learning pnb lol hopefully one day i can get this detailed thank you for sharing

  • Upcoming Sci-Fi Colony

    Coachlori2012 - - Blueprints


    Howdy.. do you happen to play on a multiplayer server as "victor" I have seen some of your blueprints and they look just like his so i am assuming you are the same person. LOL IF so i helped you a lot on one of the servers however we don't play on that one anymore but i always LOVED your builds so if you are the person i am thinking of. He gave me a cool mushroom resting area for my amusement park on new world beginnings server. you do amazing work!!!! If you get bored stop in and say hi to me a…

  • Sorry I have been so insanely busy on our server i forgot to check this again LOL.. we maxed out 10 slots week 1 and week 2 we maxed out 20 slots everyday LOL so time to buy more slots but were waiting until thats something we can budget so we dont get to big to fast then we cant afford to keep it up LOL our server is called Rising Against Humanity.. Happy to see you come check us out whenever you have time I am Destiny on there and hubby is Mcfly

  • thank you very much.. its coming along nicely.. sorry hubby got this fixed..I got so busy building up spawn on the new server i forgot to say this is resolved. LOL

  • Good day! We are new server hosts and trying to figure everything out has been interesting LOL.. we were so happy to find this script because its what was ran on the server we were admins on but as soon as we uploaded it to ours the server crashes every 15 minutes or so.. any idea why this is happening? i know it wasnt an issue on the other server we played on so clearly we did something wrong just not sure what.. we put it under script in our FTP server page in a folder titled AreaProtection.. …