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  • The default game time speed is 1.75 which means that 1 in-game minute takes 1.75 real-life seconds. Night starts at about 2200 and ends at around 0800 i.e. about 10 in-game hours thus about 17.5 real-life minutes. On the other hand day lasts the remaining 14 hours i.e. 24.5 real-life minutes. If you don't want night you can use the console, opens with the `/~ key next to 1 and below Esc, and type in "tod 8" (without quotes) to make it 0800 instantly, ofc you can use any number between 0 and 23 t…

  • You need to click on where it says DISK to sort it with the highest value on top. From the screenshot you can see RW uses 0MB/s but the usage is still at 100%, there must be something else running on that PC. Or as Devidian said the disk is corrupt but that would cause you problems with other applications and games too I would think.

  • What exactly do you mean by "disk space"? Is it as DanielBoone assumed the disk column of the task manager? If yes can you post a screenshot of the task manager window? To do that first click on the Disk column to sort the application by the highest using one and then press the Windows Key + Print Screen Key. The screenshot is automatically saved under MyPictures/Screenshots on your PC. A normal PC without doing anything on it should have a disk usage of maybe 10% at most. If your disk usage is …

  • .blueprint file app please

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    It doesn't matter what your computer shows as an icon for the .blueprint file. Simply press X or "no" in the open with... window and copy-paste the .blueprint file to the Blueprints directory under D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorld\Blueprints Then start the game and access the blueprint from inside the game, do not try to open the .blueprint file in any other way.

  • Physics in Rising World

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    Just a note, adding physics wouldn't make the current water flow as it is in blocks. Best case scenario as the game stands would be the water blocks falling downwards due to gravity. Having said that dynamic water is planned but as it will break all existing worlds/servers it will be implemented after everything else together with the other terrain/biome related updates. Normal physics for everything will not be added to the game. The developer doesn't want to limit player creativity by having t…

  • oh yes what you want to do as you explain it will work just fine

  • [Plugin]Portals

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    Yeah I am not really sure I get it in writing either So each portal can have one entrance and one destination. You cannot do a single elevator shaft that will teleport you to multiple floors from the ground. To have a building with floors in an elevator like fashion with portals you have two options 1) have on each floor a room with a portal to every other floor 2) have only on the ground floor a room with a portal to every other floor and on each floor a portal to the ground floor.

  • Quote from TheNobleYeoman: “- Make a set spawn point for where people respawn when they die (I know the command "setspawn", but being able to have people spawn in a specific area after dying would be very helpful) ” Try the GPS plugin, it has a /sethome function for each individual player. They can use it via /home Quote from TheNobleYeoman: “- Change starting spawn gear, or possibly allow players to choose a "loadout" that gives them specific gear when they spawn. ” If you want to do it for all…

  • Can you post the full server log as an attachment here? It should have the name of the plugin throwing that exception in it somewhere Judging by the de.pbplugins.icListenerGuiInfo part I would guess it is caused by the iConomy plugin by @PatrickBronke

  • Quote from yahwho: “Why is this thread still active? ” Good point it really gives no benefit to this forum. Locking it now

  • "Length" in Rising World

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    1 block side is 0.5m you can convert that to inches and calculate from there. setp is positioning precision not length, for instance setp 1 means that each time you move a beam/plank/etc. with the arrow keys/PgUp/PgDn after you have locked it into position with RShift it will move by 1mm if you want to get lengths you should use size, I think size 1 1 1 on a beam makes it block size but you should experiment with that.

  • Custom starting gear

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    Quote from Batta: “I do know that I've logged in to several different servers, all with different starting gear. Even if I have to set it per world, as long as it can be done before toons log in, that would be good, too. ” Yes but for these starting items to be set someone has to first log in on the server and set them with the setinventory and setclothing commands. This as you can clearly see doesn't work on SP where you are the first and only player who logs in.

  • Custom starting gear

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    Unfortunately there is no way to set it for every new world you create. The starting inventory is set in the world database of each world and is unique to that specific world. The only way to do this I think would be via a plugin, though no such plugin exists atm. I could write something short for you if you really need it. If we are talking about 3 items simply spawn them via console or use creative mode to craft them for free and then switch back to survival mode.

  • We will get it when the developer decides it is time to add it. such changes are left for late in the development process as they will break all existing worlds. Thus the developer wants to bundle them together at the end to avoid us having to start over a lot of times during development.

  • Uninstall java and install the older java version (i think it is java 8 ) not the latest one and try running the game again.

  • The surreal setting is a very special map mode and doesn't include all the biomes like a normal game. It has no seas and no lakes.

  • The game shows that for 1 piece of hellstone, 2 blocks of hellstone will be produced in the block bench UI. That is the case for a number of blocks because of the rarity of some of the resources I presume. The blocks producing 2 times the resources consumed are: - natural - recycled metal - metalplates - copper - woodplanks (produce 6 blocks for every wood piece not just 2) - woodblocks (same as for woodplanks) - loam - sandstone tl;dr not a bug but intended behaviour

  • The size of the model is set by the model itself in the software used to make it or the scale factor in the plugin's code by the World3DModel.setScale(float) method.

  • Quote from ArcaneDesmond: “Other: I realize a lot of users aren't accustomed to the modern approach in the game which is why I am working on a PVP style map with regions and a GUI for multiple scoreboards tallies would be greatly needed. However the API doesn't seem to have this feature just yet. When it does I will put the Plug-in & Map up for download so everyone could enjoy. ” What are you looking for exactly? The API can create GUIs for the game it is a bit tedious to get right as with every…

  • Elevator Plugin

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    That elevator plugin didn't work last I had checked though, hasn't been updated in a long time