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  • Bonjour Helie and hello all people, Après avoir fait quelques tests, la fonctionnalité de rebinder la touche pour activer la "console" sous linux ne semble pas être opérationnel car quelque soit le changement apporté rien ne se passe. En revanche, seule la combinaison alt gr et le petit 2(sous la touche échappe) semble afficher la console.

  • ah, I see what's wrong. Being beginner on the development of plugin on RW until then in single player and my java being quite rusty, I was not yet pass to the stage on the role of access of the files on the server. But something had escaped me when I realized it because it seemed to me that each player config file was not stored on the server but on each client machine. By the fact of It was so convenient for me not to intrude on the file system of the server. However, I understand the reasoning…

  • Hi, I found a alternative with a example with propertie by this : (sorry for my litte english) Java Source Code (5 lines)