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  • The Future of Rising World

    botchikii - - Rising World News


    Hi ! long time I'm not posting in this forum, but keep involved in RW (the game I spent the most time in). A new engine is such a big move, and I can't wait to see what you can do with unity For me, RW needs two things : better world generation and complex cooking concept (for taking advantages of ressources and help endgame job (bonus with more complex recipes)). So It's very good news because you seem to focus on world generation with this update). I'm also onboard with a blog with news every …

  • Quote from zfoxfire: “Quote from red51: “A minor hotfix was just released which fixes the blueprint and poster issues. There is no need to update servers. Sorry for the inconvenience! Quote from zfoxfire: “Whenever I "hide the body" I hear the sound of stone breaking ” Hmm... unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce this issue Where does the "stone breaking sound" come from exactly? From the dead body? Did it happen in singleplayer or multiplayer? ” I mis-reported it. It's not sound specific. Wh…

  • Quote from red51: “Hmm... well, the height of skeletons (or other npcs) is indeed limited. If it is too big, there is a higher chance that the npc gets stucks or even warps to the roof, at least in rooms with low ceilings... I will try to tweak this a little ” Well, it's not dramatic ! First time, I have been surprised by a samourai skely who beat me up right after Now I'm aware, it's fine

  • Hi. I noticed something weird with skeleton. they can pass throught blocs if too high placed. if you want to block an entrance in dungeon, you put 2 blocs for secure the door way. 2 block above ground : ok, skeletons are blocked :…88b8cc4c922845dc992cc69af but 3 blocks above ground, they don't care and pass throught :…88b8cc4c922845dc992cc69af their hitbox are only 2 bloc height ?

  • Hello ! Just want to give more feedback after 10h of gameplay in this update and with a new start in singleplayer. the game have a really nice progression from the beginning and now with the weather and hostiles, we need to use every workbench quickly (and adding iron plate for some workench add some challenge for finding iron quickly). this update give us some danger in cave (spiders hit hard and they sound creepy af ) and dungeons are much much more fun now. well, fun isn't the right word when…

  • Hello ! big thanks for this update Just few minutes in creative for testing these npcs : - they look amazing - they hit hard lol - I love bandits have some lines - some good loots in bandits (but nothing for skeletons ?) - no collision between Npc ? I saw a bear run into bandits like they don't exist I think the agro distance has been increased (bears don't let us run away, they chase us longer) I have seen one think little strange when I stayed up of bandit in fly mode : they respawn at my posi…

  • Upcoming: Hostile npcs

    botchikii - - Rising World News


    Great news ! I can't wait to see these hostiles and they look great Quote: “Unfortunately we have no ETA for the update yet. We try to get it ready as soon as possible, but recently there were some unexpected changes introduced to Steam which have a big impact on Rising World and its future development. We can't say much about these changes yet, but we will definitely keep you informed about the current status. ” I'm scared of that part of your post. Waiting for more info on this but hope develo…

  • Weapons stats

    botchikii - - Rising World Discussion


    Hello, I've seen this topic on Steam forums and I think it would be interesting to see it here. Link :…ns/0/3393916911750368110/ It would be nice to have these ingame (like the protection for armors). Also : We have a secondary attack with right mouse button, did that attack do more damage ? And I think the range is different between weapons (mace seems to hit shorter than axes). is it real ? Quote: “The list below will show you the BD {Base Damage} with is how muc…

  • I have an issue with placing posters since the update : I can't rezise them with the shift key, only rotate them. EDIT : Sorry, it was only a mess in the controls, i don't know why but the resize action was moved to the right shift.

  • Thanks for this update Some impressions on the first hours testing it : - fishing looks good (but it would be a must to do that in the boat or on chairs. but I guess we will need to wait until the mounted combat system ?). A rustic fishing rod would be nice for players who want to stick withe medieval themes. - boats are very nice and looks great. A question : as we can't pick it up, do they work like mounts (owned by the crafter) ? and only the crafter can mount them ? - The hot/cold : nice add…

  • Foog Manor

    botchikii - - Blueprints


    Very nice ! Well done

  • Can't wait to see what's Red is giving to us

  • Great job ! A very nice addition for seeing what have been explored. the world is so huge. I thought have did some good explorations and in fact, I have lots of fog war between "roads". The tool have exported a 1:16 map for a 40Mb png.

  • Very nice thank you for this tool. For information, I'm using zsh instead of bash (debian linux) and the command does not launch the tool. Shell-Script (2 lines) it works fine with this syntax : Source Code (1 line)Quote from ArcticuKitsu: “Well, I was expecting it to save the whole rendered chunks into a .png..... ” well, I try one export on widest zoom : it shows 6 squares biomes, the image is a 20480x12288 pixel and weight 205mo. a whole big map would be difficult to manipulate I think ?

  • Raft / Radeau

    botchikii - - Blueprints


    I like survival things ! I use this thread for apologize not to be active in forum since a while. I'm in a educative project in north of Canada (wolf education) and can not play or stay long (I'm sadly with a cheap laptop and no infinite electricity). I stay tuned for updates but need to wait june to be able to plày RW again). Have fun !

  • Quote from sharkbitefischer: “Quote from Groovaholic: “Quote from red51: “Quote from phill895: “My RW Server ss hosted on my own dedicated server attached to my local network. Please find log attached. ” Thanks for the log, I will check out what's going on there!Quote from botchikii: “If I set it to true, Do I need to create a file like reserved_names in server root folder, and how do I need to syntax it for enable that feature ? ” Yes, you need to create a file called "reservednames" or "reserv…

  • @red51 You said we could reserve player names on our servers. I see a parameter in the which setting that : Source Code (1 line)If I set it to true, Do I need to create a file like reserved_names in server root folder, and how do I need to syntax it for enable that feature ?

  • Quote from red51: “We just released an update for the server, please have a look if the issue still persists If your server still does not show up in the server list, please open the "" file and set "server_query_ip" to the same ip as the "server_ip". If the "server_ip" field is blank, set "server_query_ip" to -1 ” That work's fine ! server is visible now in steam's server page and ingame. Thank you very much

  • I think the game will do the conversion ? for your example, the player who you want to be friend is unique at the time you do the command. so /addfriend playername can be interpreted by the game, witch convert the name into the playerid ? so you don't have to worry about that.

  • Very impressive, well done