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We've posted an important announcement regarding the current situation and the future of the game: Announcement

  • The Future of Rising World

    yahwho - - Rising World News


    ooh this sounds like it will mean the end of java API?

  • Stone from TNT bug

    yahwho - - Plugin Discussion


    Hi @red51 It appears that stone picked up after an explosion does not work on the block-bench. Dirt seems to work and so too does the ores (I haven't tried them all, but the ones I have tried do seem to work) however the rock appears to be a slightly different icon. I'm guessing it's missing some attribute when added to the inventory?…516cd7c28d002ea66d3513ae0

  • hi @samlander Yes download a copy of DB Browser for SQLite and you can open up the database and look for the id's A dummy NPC is id 100 and a bandit it id 60

  • Quote from DanielBoone: “your computer shouldn't be accessing the paging file at all. ” That's spot on. Page Files are a hangover from the days when memory was so expensive you had to turn to your hard disk to make "virtual memory". I've not used a page file in donkey years.

  • Fatal Error on loading

    yahwho - - Client Help


    That error states that some of the dependent files for JavaFMod64.dll do not exist. You could use an application like to find out what file is missing. It could be a dependent file is corrupt. Maybe try running a disk check?

  • Yes the custom number will defiantly follow, this is just a rough 0.0.1. Yes a custom size would be good to add. But I can imagine it may end up just as long winded as the console command tbh.

  • I agree. I would love blueprints to need resources!

  • I agree with what you say @Helie I think it comes down to people wanting to create their own world and then open it up for visitors maybe? My first experience with Rising World was on such a server and unfortunately the next time I logged in the server had gone - so too with my fledgling castle we always point players who want to play in creative mode in the direction of Artisans Realms (one of the oldest servers there is if I am not mistaken?)

  • Tree stumps should not be animated

    yahwho - - Suggestions


    It's a simple enough change, I would have thought. Trees swaying gently in the wind look great but tree stumps should not sway it would look more realistic and people could also use the stumps to plant objects on and use them more in their designs.

  • Hello everyone, Here is a simple plugin I'm making public because I'm sure it will make peoples lives easier. It allows players to easily change the precision, rotation, and length of pnb (and any object!) without having to repeatedly type in the console command each time. The plugin listens for the user to press the U key and opens up a rudimentary (but functional) GUI at the bottom of the players screen. When a player clicks on a setting the GUI disappears and the settings have been changed. P…

  • The ghost of the shout message!

    yahwho - - Plugin Discussion


    Sounds like a horror film title huh? On a serious note, it appears that if a server issues a shout message ( player.sendYellMessage("Hey! I'm shouting at you!"); ) and the server shutdown the client is left with a ghost of the last shout message on their screen. The message stays, regardless of what server they next enter, or even a single player. The only way to get rid of the shout message is for the client to restart the application.

  • Introducing Medieval Realms' new Utilities Plugin! Sick and tiered of typing in manual commands each time you want to change the precision, rotation or length of pnbs? Well look no further! Medieval Realms now has a fledgling utilities plugin (accessible via the U key). It's a super simple, super quick method for changing your pnb settings with just a single mouse click. Further updates will allow players to also specify their own defaults (but for now the default text commands will have to do!)…

  • AuthTicketCanceled

    yahwho - - Server Help


    Good point @Devidian it could have been the vss copy backup I did have some problems with that during the same week!

  • Quote from red51: “I'll put this on our to-do list ” Many thanks! This will stop some of our horse thieves

  • Ahh yes that makes sense! Why use anything bigger (data type) I have managed to get around it by counting the stack size, and if it is over 64 doing two transfers of the item. I.e. 64 then the remainder. But bigger stack size transfer might help minimize the code (at least this end )

  • AuthTicketCanceled

    yahwho - - Server Help


    Quote from red51: “ However, what do you mean exactly with "the server stopped working"? Did it crash? ” Hi Red hope you had a good holiday Yes the server stopped accepting connections from any client including me locally. So, it sounds to me at least that it was a issue with the Steam servers. A reboot of the server fixed the issue. It happened 2-3 times during the space of a few days, hence I thought I would mention it here. Not had a problem for a while now *touch wood* so maybe it was just g…

  • Update is live, containing a lot of bug fixes for the plugin as well as optimisations.

  • I will check mines still working for you and let you know. It might be a recent update broke it!

  • Okay, well all I can say is I use that event in my plugin and it was working last time I checked.

  • Quote from DanielBoone: “The trick with modding is not to start with complex jobs first but to start small. ” Amen. Quote from DanielBoone: “I need to learn how to ray trace hits, use logic in java and use custom object insertion. ”…/utils/RayCastResult.html…ts/custom/CustomItem.html Two very good working examples