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  • Java

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    Use Java 8 for RW. RW comes with an older Java 8 built in which will work, or install latest java 8 from

  • Quote from ceroshiro: “Add back hemp? I was a little dismayed to find out it was no longer really in the game. Removing it is understandable, but it would be nice to have the option to use it for paper and fiber again. Maybe an off-by-default option in settings? ” Hemp is still in game. Are you smoking it??

  • Hi @red51, I have a friend who is getting back into RW but has an issue when joining (he gets Win10 blue screen loading into MP servers). Single player runs smooth for him. He verified file integrity etc. I get the following from server log when he joins, have any idea what it may be? Corrupt server profile perhaps? He is the only one having this problem but I must note he is using a different PC. I will be remoting into his PC within an hour and will update this thread if I find anything. *Edit…

  • [Plugin] NPCs

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    Danke!! I will try again and will let you know. *EDIT: Works well!! Danke

  • interesting enough and if this helps any. my son had the same problem the other day even though he had Java 8 installed. I uninstalled Java 8 and let the game use the version of Java 8 that comes bundled inside the game and it resolved it.

  • fatigue

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    yes sleep in a bed or tent to set a death spawn (so if you die you respawn there). I believe stamina is replenished as well. In real life, sleep is overrated.

  • an old bug came back looks like. this was an issue before, resolved then cropped back up since latest blueprint update. a quicker way to replicate vs logging out then back in is, TPing to another area, then go back. when the world chunk loads back it will show any remnant of a blueprint.

  • oh i have remembered this always intermittently doing the same, not just since the update, but for as long as I have been playing at least. what I find happens is, even though you have the board 'frozen' it takes rotational inputs while frozen .. so you inadvertently rotate the piece while it is frozen (even though it doesnt appear to have been rotated until unfrozen). so when you unfreeze, it rotates to the new position it registered while frozen. e.g. you position a beam free hand .. freeze in…

  • [Plugin] NPCs

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    I'm guessing this need to be updated? /npc follow 1 or hotkey enable activation mode .. F key reports' 'No NPC found' when trying to get to follow. Language plugin is installed, yes

  • @red51 -- for a couple weeks now, I had players report to me they will enter the world floating waaay up in the sky occasionally, if they move they fall to their death. It was intermittent but I found out how to reproduce which is why I am posting about it now. To reproduce, kill yourself any which way you choose. QUIT game at 'Game Over' death screen. When you re-enter the server, you will spawn VERY high above your last sleep location. Usually in the clouds up high. I have not tested this in s…

  • *Edit: I just had her move the old map folder out to backup. may be a windows sid thing I'm guessing. I even tried copying the contents of old to new and it still crashed. She will have to unlock her map again the hard way. ;). Consider this *RESOLVED I have a player who recently reset her Windows 10 laptop. Not sure if she selected keep all data or not. She can play on the server fine, but the game will crash upon opening map, every time. Other servers she has not played on before, the map open…

  • Quote from yahwho: “The goto console command is not working for me anymore, such as "goto -1400 -102" just me or is this the same for everyone? unsure.png ” Same issue here. When typing in coordinates, i get the response: "Player juggernaut not found"

  • Thanks Red!! I will send you a PM. there is an issue related to this hotfix I don't want to share publicly as it is pvp exploit related.

  • Server lag issues job to fix

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    Hi Stager! Remember, a 'dedicated server' that you rent is not really 'dedicated' when it comes to hardware. The RW server is dedicated yes, but the hardware it sits on is often 'shared' by many other customers. (1) Make sure you edit using the file management console of your host from "server_memory=1024" to "server_memory=4096" at least. The default server RAM allocation will not be sufficient at 1GB if you have an existing built up world. I use the following for my server: "…

  • @red51 if you run this command, how do you turn them back on?

  • "Hmm... does that still happen after the latest update? Actually there was a bug with the horse inventories, but that should be fixed now blink.png" @red51Just tested (horse, donkey and camel) .. it now works! THANKS!! (saddle bag and inventory gets put into dead horse, donkey and camel inventory like it should.

  • Thank you!!! I think also horses no longer drop saddles and attached saddle bags if killed. some players reporting losing everything when killed by NPCs (also another report the horse will freeze running near (or im guessing into the NPCs, i need to test). (Maybe allow the bag and saddle to drop on location and have inventory spill out like chests do when destroyed). *Edit* minor Suggestion: adjust the verbiage of the client 'you are running a different version' message Steam autoupdated clients…

  • @red51 ok one serious bug I just discovered. players are no longer able to do damage to each other. pvp is enabled, nothing changed in settings, this is new. They can take damage from NPCs however. *edit* Guns do damage, bombs do damage, arrows do damage, melee weapons do not (tried swords, clubs, axes etc.

  • @red51 hey thanks again! Updates and performance is wonderful!! A minor couple side effects I should report: console commands. When performing the 1st one, it will lock up RW for approx 10 seconds (any command). The command will eventually work, then subsequent commands work fine unless console not used for a while, then 1st console command will lock RW for 10 seconds again before running. Journal. The x position (posx="value") seems to have been affected, I had to change the values on all even …