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  • More idea while playing,

    CrissaRobin - - Suggestions


    opening to the journal automatically is my would save me from repeating the same things every time someone new signs on!! stacking melons ,especially ,is also a great suggestion!!

  • Nitrado

    CrissaRobin - - Server Help


    Two days ago, much to my surprise and also concern, when I went to log onto my server ..lo and behold. . the name was gone! It was not "Hope For The Flowers" but instead "Default Rising World Server" UGH!!! I was not happy! I immediately went into my configurations area of server...which I rent from Nitrado...and found not only the name changed but also fly mode and PVP turned on.( I had them both dis-abled). OK, thot biggie..a glitch...a hick-up (terms I am learning to use since joining t…

  • after removing ingots from furnace several times it now shows them to still be there, thus making it impossible to smelt another batch.

  • disappearing ores and ingots

    CrissaRobin - - General Help


    I just spent quite a time mining lots of lovely new ores, smelted them into ingots and thot myself very smart indeed just to have them all disappear as soon as placed in a chest. I am NOT a happy camper...Boo Hoo.

  • Hi, I have a server :Hope For The Flowers USA, which also "says it all". BUT...and it may be a huge but to you...I am new to all this and therefore my server is "raw" ...doesn't look like Yahgiggles (which you would be wise to check out) .His is called Rising City. Do a search here and check out some photos of his fantastic city. You are very welcome to try out mine too and altho I'm getting better have a long way to go. If you are a computer nerd you are particularly welcome because I could rea…

  • another good update to a really great game. It will get better and better as time goes by ! Thank you Devs for your creation.