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  • Simply, I would like to be able to do some manual brick work and stone columns. So I am looking for stone textured versions of the extended construction objects. + Bricks like planks but with the added ability to control thickness of them. + Columns just like woodlog objects. Thanks.

  • I still love the extended construction system. But I am finding that I need some more durable components in my builds. So lets have the ability to make bricks/tiles with an EC object that have any stone/concrete textures, size ranges from 1 full block down to 1/10 of a block in each direction. Allows you to build brick foundations or facades, tile a floor, do mosaics, fireplace mantel, stone paths, or sign/torch post bases. So many possibilities... Thanks Quezax

  • Long ago I posted some videos on Youtube, and I have decided that a final update needed to be posted. This is the final update due to the terrain generation changes from Biomes Update, and i will be starting over in a new world because of it.

  • I still think Racoons/Gremlins are a really good idea. if you don't lock your doors one may wondering and mess with your stuff. @red51 So how about instead of tons of little patches of ore like polka-dots in the ground, how about some actual ore veins that are long, sinuous, and branching that you spend time actually chasing through the rock to extract. I am not saying get rid of all the small patches, as they are good for short term boons, but the further down you mine the more likely you will …

  • Very very nice, I love the attention to real building details. Bravo!

  • Some commands to spawn objects

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    From the german steam post: Stone: item ore [HowMany] 3 Lumber(Not Logs): item lumber [HowMany] Sticks: item stick [HowMany] Wool: item wool [HowMany] Cloth: item cloth [HowMany]

  • What version of OS X are you on? (I think there is a graphics driver issue that requires you be at least 10.9) Do you have a crash log in the installed directory? (this will give a number of detail to pin point if there is another cause)

  • Winter, snow, tool Ideas

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    +10^100 I never liked how other sand boxes copped out of full weather cycle. Give you a reason to hunt down raccoon dens for their winter stash of food and foraging for some wild potatoes in the snow... The seasons just need to be long enough to make a player think a little further ahead than the tip of their sword. If you tie everything to a season scale value, you can then turn it over to the players and server admins to determine how long they want them to last. Like how long crops take to gr…

  • Minor bug - Triangle stone placement

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    Known issue - see Corner blocks not positioning !!

  • Corner blocks not positioning !!

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    Yes, it is known, and only affect upside-down corner ramp blocks. and you can work around it by rotating -90 degree(left) one step when looking up at it. The block system on the back end is very complex, from what I have gathered from the Devs. So there are a number of adjustments including fixing this and couple new block shapes that are in the works, but they could not say how long it will take for them to get fully implemented.

  • Quote from supershanks: “ in reality I could turn the torch on place it on the ground,” Try the garden torch from the light list. you can plant them down most any where and pick them back up. so like temporary torches without holders. Quote from supershanks: “ So do you reckon it's worth laying beams first then removing them when floor is complete. ” No I just build joists and the subfloor supports like a real floor, and leave them. Quote from supershanks: “7) I am hoping for a stone brick objec…

  • I am glad you found my tutorial useful, and the floor is looking really nice. I have done similar thing in my barn project, so have some idea of the quirks of doing those placements. 1) Actually @red51, you can have grid on and use manual reposition items at the same time, and they take multiple move actions(depending on grid size) then they jump from snap point to snap point. I also found when both grid and modular-snapping are enabled this leads to grid overriding exact alignment of the snap. …

  • Stubborn items

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    Unfortunately there is a known bug that some items get "stuck". The Pickaxe is current the most efficient tool for removing all placed objects and blocks. in non creative mode it will take two hits to remove it, in creative it is one. Except if you miss in creative you can easily take what is next to it. I have about dozen objects in my world suffering from this issue. It is on the Dev's radar, but they have not found a fix for the issue yet.

  • +1 I have played with them and ended up just put the posters on the glass right now, but this would be an easier alternative.

  • Sorry, typing this on my tablet not my computer, hence the typos. The world is 1152 blocks tall and the surface takes up only the first 256 and the rest of them are below your feet. So you need to dig down over 400 meters to reach hell. Here is an example of the knowledge transfer. Sticking with mining as the theme, and these are mostly convenient labels to illustrate the point. Class 1 - Shovels / skill 76/100 Class 2 - Picks / skill 126/200 Class 3 - Drills / skill 3/300 X amount of use would …

  • I actual think that mining with the pick was too fast, and I have done large builds off stone. Mostly for the inverse reason. When quarrying for stone, I found it much easier to mine out stone than cut down trees. Also I felt that I cleared space to quickly when mining. I would like to see ming be slower but you get more stone for the effort. I would like to see a boost in wood production more then mining. Maybe a resource gathering difficulty slider should be introduced, as I doubt this is an i…

  • Mini Project - Well

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    Hey, lots of talks about roofs, so I was playing with some ideas and it inspired me to build a well for my farm. The roof has some minor issues due to it mostly hand crafted, but I think it still looks pretty good. If I were to do it again I would start with the roof and work down instead of save it for last. I do NOT recommend this type of roofing for large structures, as this small roof took 3-4 stacks of Logs to builds and every little piece of wood shown takes a full piece of lumber. forum.r…

  • Looks like you ran into a bug with one of your Lua scripts. Maybe @h0tw1r3 can help you as it looks like it relates to his script. Error from log: org.luaj.vm2.LuaError: load /home/risingworld/scripts/rising-world-h0tstuff-master/script.lua: org.luaj.vm2.LuaError: /home/risingworld/scripts/rising-world-h0tstuff-master/script.lua:10: syntax error at org.luaj.vm2.LuaValue.error(Unknown Source) at org.luaj.vm2.Globals.loadfile(Unknown Source) at lua.LuaScript.<init>(SourceFile:51) at lua.ScriptMana…

  • Unable to start up game

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    Please check your game folder for a crash log and post it. If you don't have one, then information like OS, Graphics card, Graphics Driver Version. Currently the most common problem is with Intel HD graphics cards and a bug in their drivers that require them to be updated.