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  • Ok Just as a random thought I tried telling my computer as a global setting to always use the nvidia card in the nvidia control panel and it seems to force the game to use the right card so I don't have to use dual monitor to get it to run. My guess then is that setting it individually doesn't work in the control panel. I tested this with my 2nd monitor plugged in and unplugged and both times it worked. It's not fabulous cause I think using the nvidia card for some things is overkill but it's a …

  • Here's where I find my Rising World installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RisingWorld I'm sure you could find something similar and I found my error logs were actually called errorlog such as errorlog_1419681751937.log In order to know what's wrong with something an error log really does help.

  • With some fiddling around I managed to get the game to use the right card. Basically I have a 2nd monitor and when it's plugged in my nvidia card becomes focused on running it. By setting that screen as my primary and launching the game, the game is forced to be run by the nvidia card. So while it's not ideal, it at least gets me a partial solution. If anyone has a suggestion on how to force the game to use the nvidia card without using my monitor then I'm all ears but at least I've got a workar…

  • At this stage Java 1.8 is too buggy for me so I'll be staying on Java 1.7. Last time I tried 1.8 everything broke. Also Why would the game require 1.8 or higher anyway???? 1.7 should be fine.

  • Done that. That's the 2nd image.

  • I've tried setting steam to use the nvidia card in the hopes it might pass any apps called through it to the card and I've also tried bypassing stream and calling the game directly by going right click on the exe and selecting run with graphics processor --> High performance nvidia processor I have to do this for Minecraft since it pulls the intel chipset instead and that works fine for MC. Sadly for Rising World In Both Cases it still crashes. EDIT: The only thing I can think of is that it look…

  • ok I did all that but I'm still having it crash. Here's the latest log but it says the same thing I think: Source Code (61 lines)

  • Ok so how do I do that?