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  • The Future of Rising World

    Lyandreth - - Rising World News


    Wow, those graphics look stunning!!! And having a second person to help you - brilliant news!!! Looks as if the changes will be well worth the wait, and our old worlds disappearing was always expected as you improved the whole worlds/ biomes etc. If, as you say, we can still use our blueprints from our existing worlds though, I, for one, am more than happy. Thank you, as always, for all your hard work in making this incredible game

  • Loving this server!!! Some great builds and friendly players, plus an interesting world to explore. My area is on the side of a forested hill - great for lumber but proving a challenge to flatten. So started off with a smallish workshop which was extended into a house, and am now working on a larger manor house/ castle? Photos attached. My thanks to Yahwho for all his efforts in making this such a wonderful place to play. Adnil.