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We've posted an important announcement regarding the current situation and the future of the game: Announcement

  • Hi @MeesterMaarten, I use gtxgaming for hosting. The problem seemed to be from their end, as they moved my server to a new ip address and the connection issues stopped after that. You could try contacting Nitrado to see if they can look into what is causing connection issues for your server. Hope that helps. Red_Baron

  • The Future of Rising World

    Red_Baron - - Rising World News


    I love the graphics, reminds me a lot of biomes in Rust, and I hope that this means we will finally have running water. Will this affect building at all? I would hope that we are still able to build with fine details and set the exact sizes of pieces, use blocks, etc. That rough looking fence worries me if all the planks and beams will be rough hewn like that. That would remove some of the quirky charm of the current graphics and building possibilities for different styles/eras of architecture.

  • Hi @red51, a lot of players on my server are still having the issue. I'm going to email you a full server log, thanks for any help!

  • Hmm, here's a snippet of when someone had connection issues I think. I believe they get stuck at 10% and time out. 2019/05/19 01:29 AM G.g INFO: Delete Client ID: 8 [EndAuthSession] 293360142 2019/05/19 01:29 AM JIW-Network WARNING: [UdpSessionHandler] Unable to find ClientConnection for null [TcpSessionHandler] NEW Client Connection from:/ PORT:4255 [NetworkServer] ChannelReconnectMessage: Channel closed UUIDs: null: / …

  • Hi Red or anyone else that might know, Several players on my server have reported having a hard time to connect and that it takes them several times of trying before their client will connect to the server. One of the things we've been able to determine is that they are all Windows 10 users or recently upgraded to Windows 10. Does anyone have any idea what causes this and how to fix it? Thanks, Red Baron

  • Lol, if you call a chimney or a light well a death hole.

  • Hi linkclock, were you able to get on again? The server probably needed a restart. We rarely ban players, and it's only ever if they are harassing or trying to grief others.

  • Thanks, Red! It's working now.

  • Hey Red, I just noticed the GUIs for the world protection and GPS plugins no longer show up at the bottom of the screen after the last update. Any way to fix this? Thanks so much for the awesome update! My server's players are really loving all the features.

  • Anyone got a fix for the nametags not showing up after the last update?

  • Quote from Glenos: “That someone asked if we could click and drag so that they would fill up faster. I believe that Red said that he would add it to his (probably very long) list. ” You can do this already, and have been able to for quite a while now.

  • Hello all! In anticipation of the coming update that will add hostile NPCs, I am relaunching my server, Green Valleys! We have auto land claims/protection! We have animal taming and breeding! We have planks n' beams! And we have the ability to set your home point, among many other features. I will be starting several new towns throughout the region, and the spawn point starts players by a large lake with islands (claim them quick!). We have an established player base that makes playing fun for a…

  • Server won't startup?

    Red_Baron - - Server Help


    Thanks, Red! I had to have GTX restart the machine cause the problem was on their end, but it's working now. Looking forward to the next update, can't wait!

  • Server won't startup?

    Red_Baron - - Server Help


    Hello all, Hoping someone can help me. My server is hosted on GTXgaming and they had server maintenance earlier today. Now it seems my server won't startup anymore and it gives me an error log. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it? ------------------2019/02/21 09:42 PM server.e SEVERE: Error while starting the server: Cannot assign requested address: Cannot assign requested address: bind at Method) at s…

  • Player-Owned NPC Shops

    Red_Baron - - Suggestions


    I would love to see NPCs that players can place and stock with items for sale, similar to how player-owned shops were in Ultima Online and the player-owned vending machines in Rust. Of course this would require some kind of money system (maybe even banks with bankers to store your money that could be built/placed by admins). This would enable players to sell items to other players even when they're not online, make villages more active centers of commerce, and add another fun element to the game…

  • iMac keyboard

    Red_Baron - - General Help


    You hold the "fn" key on the bottom left of the keyboard and press the F1, 2, 3, etc. keys. You can change this in your macs keyboard settings.

  • Hi there, I have a plugin request, if someone wants to take a stab at creating it. A player on my server has built a pretty detailed casino, but there are no games to play! It would be awesome if there was a plugin that could open a screen for playing games like poker or blackjack and/or a slot machine. It could dispense certain items as prizes or be integrated into a banking/money plugin to reward players. I have no idea how to make plugins or I would try it myself. The most I'm able to do is m…

  • Hi everyone! This is my second blueprint submission. I'm emulating a lot of classic Chicago buildings for the town on my server Green Valleys. This is a six unit apartment building in a traditional Chicago style, complete with rear decks, roof deck, and spacious historic apartments, circa 1910s. Enjoy!

  • African Safari Lodge

    Red_Baron - - Blueprints


    Hello, this is my first time posting a blueprint, but I've been building for a while in Rising World. This is one of my favorite buildings I've made, an African safari lodge. It should be placed on stilts in the Africa biome for the best effect, preferably somewhere with great views and a lot of wildlife. Check out my server, Green Valleys, to see more of my builds.