Azur Lane anime - Prinz Eugen's English w/ German Accent

  • Before I link the links I guess I need to clarify a few things before posting what I'm about to post.

    Azur Lane is a Chinese anime inspiring from Japan's Kantai Collection mobile game doing things further than the Japanese had managed. Both games deal with World War 2 themed ships 'reborn' (or created) to take on their former ship to tackle a foe that only they (the ship girls) can tackle. Each one is themed to a real world ship, though the ones for Azur Lane tend to go the more fictional route for anime collaboration events.


    :?: Prinz Eugen's English dubbing with German Accent:

    What I want to know is how do the Germans on this forum feel about their native accent? Does this sit well with you? Not really? Do tell, and feel free to try and tell me why you feel the way you do... That is, if you choose to post.

    :?: Tweet:

    :?: Sankaku Complex Posting (+18 warning; Ublock Origin plugin highly recommended):…th-horrid-german-accents/

    Please do tell me how you feel about the heavy German accent of your native tongue. I also genuinely wish I had a more 'safe for work' link which doesn't make me come off as a pervert. These are the only sources I'm aware of, I'm sorry.


    Other thoughts | Disclaimer:

    I love Azur Lane because it deals with WW2 in a way no other game does. Sure, it does it lewdly, thats its selling point, though so is the whole concept of ships taking on a shipgirl form. You become familiar with the shipgirl you're controlling, thus you'll want to learn more about each ship. It tends to have numerous real world factions turned fictional (USA is known as 'Eagle Union'; Germany as 'Ironblood'; Canadians as 'Maple Monarchy', & etc.)

    Not many proper WW2 games out there so I sided with Azur Lane. There is Silent Hunter 3, one of the best Submarine game sims out there, while also spawning 'U-Boat' as a heavy inspiration to it. Its submarines though. We need genuine surface ships. I'm constantly learning more and more about world history from genuine curiousity that it can be used as a teaching tool.

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