Sharing Worlds

  • What files or folder would I need to target in order to share a world with the community? Or is this even possible?

    I'm creating a sort of reference world that shows all of the blocks so that the player can enter that world and "shop" for what looks good. The building menu thumbnail is wholly inadequate to get an accurate picture once a material is in the world.

  • If this is possible (never tried it) I guess it would be the "Worlds" folder, so if it's the new Unity version this will be C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\RisingWorld\New Version\Worlds. ( and just look for the one that you have created for this)

    But the other way that you could do this is by making blueprints, maybe build some sort of building with each floor showing the different types of blocks/items??, at least this way other players could include this within their own worlds!.;)

  • ../RisingWorld/_New Version/Worlds are the folders with the worlds. Simply compress the corresponding world folder and make it available for download.

    I often pack this folder as well as the folders "Plugins", "Blueprints" and "Screenshots" (*1) as a backup in a file or for transfer to another computer.

    (*1) I have a symlink somewhere else, the storage locations for screenshots are different in Linux (my main system) and Windows.

  • I started the project using the flat world and setting each material onto a base in the grass (See screenie). But I like Groovaholic's idea of creating a "museum" or building that houses all of the materials and just uploading it as a blueprint.

    Off-topic: I'm not getting any email notices of replies to my posts. I'm sure I'll get over it. If not, I'm crankin' up the Electric Light Orchestra! 8)

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