New server / Whitelist / WWW.Civil-Gaming.NL / 32 Slots / PVE

    • New server / Whitelist / WWW.Civil-Gaming.NL / 32 Slots / PVE

      Hello and welcome, welkom, willkommen!

      We have a fresh server that has only just been born a few hours ago and ready to be explored.You can go about your own business or work together with other players, if you wish to do so.
      The server requires a password to play on, until we have the whitelist script running. Our goal is to keep the atmosphere as pleasant as possible for each and everyone.

      It would be nice to make a beautiful city together, however if you do not wish to take part that is your free choice.

      You will never be asked to donate or will ever require to do so in the future. If you enjoy playing on the server, you can always consider to do so.

      Currently the server is not running any scripts, but we will look into it in the near future to see if it can improve the game experience. Any script or tweak suggestions below would be appreciated.

      APPLICATION- How to apply
      Currently I will be the only admin on this server and will be handling applications in Dutch, English or German (Dutch and English preferred).
      The fastest method is to send me a friends request on Steam. We will have a short chat, after which you may be handed the password and start your adventure.
      Link to find me>

      Teamspeak: (poke me on TS - my TS name: Tomasso)
      Our teamspeak can also be used by you and your friends to play on our server or play with us.

      When I´m not available you can also post an application on

      Server info:
      ip: (Also listed in the browser, look for Civil Gaming)
      Creativemode: off (You can however farm by hitting trees and rock just 1 time)
      Flymode: on (Press F2 key to enable)
      Gamemode: Survival

      Basic rules:

      You shall not steal.
      You shall not grief.
      Respect a reasonable distance from other players when building unless agreed otherwise.

      Hope to see your creative creations on our server soon!

      Kind regards,