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    • The Badger Suggestions

      I love this game so far. Amazing work and detail put into all of the creation engine so far, and I'm having a blast trying to not die from thirst. Great Alpha.
      These are coded by things that are being worked on currently, things that are possibly going to be put in the game and regular suggestions.
      1. Open modding engine. Release a "Creation Kit" of sorts to the world. I'd love to build a dungeon or two and port some of the textures I've used in other games to the Rising World.
      2. Better First Person Animations. I don't even see hands when I swing a pickaxe, eat a potato, or lay down some rock.
      3. Third Person switching allowed. Who doesn't like to take a good look at themselves?
      4. Character Creation. I'd like to take a good look at myself and change up a few things. Hairdo, body type, gender, noses, eyes, ears, claws, hands, race, clothing...
      5. Better/Expanded combat. I may be alone on this one, but I prefer ranged and sneaky combat. I love playing mages and archers.
      6. Dual Wielding. swords, daggers, stones, different block shapes, I'm all down for all of the above in both hands.
      7. Magic System. Fireballs RULE.
      8. True physics. I'm kind of miffed about picking a mountain's base out from under it and creating Howl's Moving Castle In the Sky. Down with the Dread Mountain!
      9. World Environments. Biomes were enabled which I love, the cold environ needs some work on the tundra so that the white-out stays away from the foliage, but I'm referring more specifically to era environments. Medieval, Primal, City-scape, etc.
      10. More Survival Options. Take away the starting pickaxe and axe, enable crafting rudimentary stone axes and picks, bows and arrows, waterskins from the hides of animals, Crafting a campfire in the middle of a grassy field is a BAD IDEA, poultices and herbs enable faster healing, etc.
      11. Diseases.
      12. User Interface customization. If I already cough when I'm thirsty, get the water bottle out of my sight. Or not. I might want it as a reminder that I'm dying. Let the user decide.
      13. More vibrant Biomes. Denser, more variant foliage. If anyone knows Life is Feudal: Your Own, that's what I'm referring to. Their forests are amazing.
      14. Better placement options. Doors are off by about 2.5-5 centimeters on the pivot point and on the open positions respectively.

      The Tundra should look more dense, more mountainous, with glaciers and the grass areas should be less desaturated.

      Now that I've labeled my whiny petulant wants and needs,
      1. I love the voxel system. The mining actually looks like teraforming, and it's truly refreshing.
      2. The game actually feels expansive, unlike Skyrim and World of Warcraft you have no idea if/when you're going to encounter new scenery or a change of pace. You can literally get lost and stay lost.
      3. Multiple crafting stations for different needs pleases me.
      4. I love the tree falling animation and sound. It's cool. The tree textures and meshes are also really nice.
      5. The lighting system is on point. Torches are actually useful.
      6. New Animals! Yay!

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      PS: If I could envision the perfect game, it would be an HD 3D procedurally generated multiple biome parkour Survival/Crafting Game with enhanced city-building, warring and political fantasy-themed factions in 1st/3rd person PvP PvE MMORPG with singleplayer/multiplayer team based stealth combat where you can dismember, burn, freeze, shock, blow up and generally obliterate and destroy anyone and anything while seducing and then having sex, marrying and reproducing with all of the spouses one can imagine.
      We'll probably have to wait for the Geforce 10980 TI 2PB GDDR18, with DirectX 90 to come out, though.
      PPS: If I could add/change anything about this game, though, it would be the enabling of a character creation and more survival/realism included.

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