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  • NEW Community Builds!!!!
    (Build Team)!!!!

    Need Members:

    Hello every one who is interested in showing off creations and building in a group. My IGN is Mr_Maguee. I play on bleckmans server. Effendor! I have a modern city i am working on but its really hard to get all of it done on my own. I NEED HELP!! A major city is a lot of work to accomplish. So I am starting a build team called "Community Builds".
    I want players who are active and extremely great at building. I don't want players who are barely play and don't respect rules. Rules are a key. Know your servers rules. We don't want anyone banned for an inappropriate building or poster or for what they said for that matter. If you are interested in joining please fill this out.

    1. IGN:
    2. Skype Name:
    3. RW History (What experience you have, how long you've been playing for ext.):
    4. Your Server (The one you play on):
    5. Building Experience:
    6. Picture of building or creation:
    7. Admin History:
    8. Reputation (Have you been banned? why and what server:
    9. Email/Steam Name:
    10. Day of Birth:
    11. Country/City:
    12. Time Zone

    :thumbsup: Requirements: :thumbsup:
    (Doesn't Require Filling out)

    1. Skype:
    2. Team Speak:
    3. Rising World:
    4. Admin Command and Server Helping/Administrating:
    5. 5 Hours of game play a week:
    6. Steam

    My Skype: XENO-_-Terror
    Steam Name: Mr_Maguee


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