'Active' Animations.

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • 'Active' Animations.

      A stupid title, yet something I've been thinking about when playing Rising World that it would be neat to 'run & jump', or 'sprint & jump'. Even 'grasping' onto the edge of a block or scenery as you fall so you don't fall to your death.

      Copied & pasted from Steam forums:

      Not sure what to title this because it's simply requesting quicker motions, or more advanced motions of animations from the player. I'd probably have to expect this in the player models & animations update, if not added much later.

      1) Sprinting & Jumping: This may be hard to word as it's probably more related to a character running, jumping, and doing cart wheels, and such. Just being able to move faster than running (sprinting) while also being able to jump from rocks to jump even higher.. Being able to jump off items & such. Being able to run, run over an object, then jumping even higher from that object to then land on your hand & one knee in bracing for impact.

      2) Gripping: In replacement to Minecraft's 'Shift" to crawl over an edge we should be able to grip onto a surface instead of falling down. When we walk over an edge the character should either A) Be prompted to hold onto the edge (Metal Gear Solid game style), or B) Automatically register you're falling to your death so the character grips onto an edge. Whichever causes the least amount of frustration and errors. This also helps when you accidentally slip off an edge that your character could still hold onto the edge before the grip is lost. (I view this one as the most important because we tend to slip off of structures we tend to build)

      3) Ledge/wall Climbing: Not really important, yet it's a spinoff suggestion from #2 to be able to climb surfaces that you'd be able to grasp onto one wood plank onto another, or anything extruding form surfaces. This could also then be inserted into dungeons, terrain, and etc. Being able to climb rock formations, and etc. Cliffs, anything.

      4) Crouch, prone, lean........The usual.


      Shouldn't stop there, yet be added onto anything that you've seen in RPG games of any sort. Look at Metal Gear Solid games, Witcher, Phantasy Star Online 2. Dragon's Dogma. Anything. Being able to crouch & go prone, and etc. I guess some of this 'might' be in the player models & animations update, yet view #2 (Gripping) to be the major one of them all because of how one tends to fall off when building things. We need an alternative to Minecraft's leaning over an edge (shift).

      If you know of any animation type feel free to post something. Anything specific for survival?

      Just more 'active' & 'interactive' animations to mess about with. I find myself slipping off blocks when building that I'd love to grasp onto a ledge when I slip off so I can bring myself back up onto where I was standing. An auto animation, or something.....Being able to climb up would be handy also, even encouraging more dungeon types, and such.
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