Rising World Troll - Beware.

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      With this link i end my participation in this thread. And gonna go and enjoy some of all awsome RW servers with nice ppl and good admins
      As much as I try to forget about this, it always comes back to haunt me and I hope it does with others too regardless of "sides" or whose right or wrong. Perhaps we could reach a consensus to pester @red51 to lock or delete that thread when he has some time.

      But first, I just want to make a comment on this as I was someone involved and regardless of what my intentions might have been, I was partially responsible for it escalating however it grew far uglier and toxic than anything I could have imagined. Many issues and feelings came out and it got pretty raw at times. it never should have come out in public. I love Rising World and I love our community. We have great devs and great servers, and some amazing builds out there. This community is like a gem in a dismal world of early access communities. That thread @Coygee posted here is so out of place here.

      I'm glad that @Mardoin created a "complaint department" Discord channel for Serenity. Myself and a few others have recently used it to reach out and calmly and rationally work though some of these issues. The link I believe was posted earlier here. Hopefully since most of us are using Discord to communicate about the game maybe it will be a little easier for us to avoid public drama.

      So with all that said, I just want to throw out the link here for the unofficial Discord channel for Rising World that myself and a few others run. I can always be found here if anyone needs to discuss something: discord.gg/quqzWDk

      I believe the link to the Serenity Discord was posted earlier in this thread as well.