Rising World Troll - Beware.

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    • Rising World Troll - Beware.

      I'm sure we are all familiar with what an internet troll is/does... right?

      So there is a player going around on the RW servers who is doing nothing but trolling for attention by bullying people publicly on the RW Steam forums.
      (his game username changes - on our server it was Coyggy - but his steam account is Born Rebel: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998153188).

      He's been posting reviews and comments of slander and libel on the Steam forums pertaining to Rising World and one of the Admins on one of the servers. He was also posting comments on game glitches and ways to exploit server-side bugs. He thinks by deleting the comments made to his indecent post, that he can censor the information that he is creating/making up as he goes.

      I hope admins of other servers take note of this. This is not a player you want on your RW server, unless you think Steam product reviews like this one are fair or right. He's been flagged and reported to the Steam people, who up until now have not done anything about it - which means it trickles down to us, the players and admins of this game who won't stand by being idle and allowing this person to do and say whatever he wants (and hurting innocent people in the process).

      The reason he's taken such a childish approach is because he was caught cheating by taking advantage of a server-side exploit, and instead of responding to the admins in a responsible, adult-like manner, he decided to bad-mouth the admins and make up lies about one in particular.

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    • You forgot to mention that he also cheated players also, and lied, and is the bringer of the drama lama that everyone tends to dislike. To bad his maturity is that of pre-pubescent child while in the midst of throwing a tantrum in front of everyone, for anyone to really take his remarks as more then just that.
    • One question, can you disprove his claims? I have *hehe* ALOT of experience with Serenity(server) & Trouble(admin) (10d + playtime on the server) and have good reason to believe him. Reason? Trouble admitted to me that she was tracking me and banned me for playing on other servers. I don't want to create drama but I suggest you research this more thoroughly. Any commenting here may get messy, there have been previous complaints against this server have sometimes raged out of control.
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    • A whole bunch of people came in to call him out for bullying.
      he keeps on deleting everyone countering his lies and disgusting conduct.

      That lady who is admin there has dedicated her time to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible within her capabilities for everyone every single day!
      I also noticed on the stats website that she clocked the highest playtime above everyone on RW stats.rising-world.net/en/serverlist/show/2797 on the most active server on RW.

      if she was all what that guy claimed she was then it would of been a dead server a long time ago.
      that coyggy fella trolling around a lady that even when ill still comes online to help new players figure out how to start playing RW.

      you're a mean person coyggy. as soon as i heard and seen what you did I just cant somebody slander around like that. That is just so disrespectful :!:
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    • I have 34 days on the server so ya I have more time then you do DaBoiye. And would suggest that you re-educate yourself on this server without your misconceptions clouding your vision. And yes I do have my own research as you call it already done, and so I would suggest yet again that you re-check your misguided half truths as to resolve them.
    • Hmm, don't know you. Anyway, sorry if I came off offensive, but I found it little fishy that 2 first-time posters came on to attack a player that I know. I don't play on Serenity anymore, so I can't disprove that Coyggy trolled or whatever got him booted. But then again neither can anyone disprove his claims, and I have had past experiences that match his. I can't prove any of it, and you can't prove against it. So it is all pointless talking about it. Anyway, if I see Coyggy making outrageous posts on Steam, I will agree with you that he is a troll. :D
      "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(
    • But I can prove it I kept chat logs, along with things that he said to me about it that turned out to be complete fabrications. And you are correct we never played on the server together I am not a long time player but it is the best server that I have found with some of the most helpful admins. I don't mind trolls but only when there is truth to the trolling, this however is one little kids opinion on it, if you notice he doesn't take kindly to people posting the truth about what he had done. So he runs and hides, and yes I did recently register the game but I also have nearly 1,400 logged into the game just never logged into the forums.
    • Lets do the math, its pretty simple.
      take a close look at the average amount of players compared to the second most active server.more particularly is the average amount of players.

      Notice the huge difference. If the admin on Serenity was anything as horrible as what these few players say then there's a surplus on average that experience the complete opposite about those claims.

      I've never seen such an amazing community as Serenity, if anyone likes hit me up on Discord ill show you the stuff Trouble made for me. and she does a whole bunch of stuff for everyone, just simply ask and when she has time she comes up with something pretty, she's super friendly and you can even catch her on discord.

      on topic:
      The numbers speak for themselves.
      And the fact that this boy used a game review to put out a personal attack is just so bellow the belt.
      He's been pointed out that it isn't right, he went as far as deleting each and everybody commenting on his bullying. Now he even blocked commenting.

      Honest people don't hide evidence

      It just isn't right. I don't post much, in fact I am more of a lurker than a talker but when this was mentioned i jumped on it because I do not stand by and let bullies go on unchallenged .
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    • DaBoiye was never banned in the beginning, I banned him later when he came back to our server and he realized he wasn't banned and he tried to be apologetic after having talked down on us in the forums but he was doing it through whisper and I mentioned that we can talk openly among the players but he didn't want to and he left again, so i banned him to get rid of the drama and his narrative of his time spent on Serenity is skewed. He had multiple rule violations some including glitching himself into ppls buildings (which oddly enough the theft problem we had went away when he decided to leave the server) and yes there was an issue about him playing on a server that kept trolling our server and sending players over to troll and cause problems. Unfortunately at that time our only recourse was to block ppl from said server so ppl on our server could have a fun stress free environment. We did speak with DaBoiye about our concerns with him going to said server and he got mad and left and he wasn't banned. This has been discussed in threads before and I even stated that with hindsight I might would have handled it differently especially since it's the ONE thing that keeps getting taken out of context and used against us. The "messy" threads that Daboiye mentions also lead to us creating a separate Discord channel to use as a "complaint dept" because this nonsense is not good for Rising World nor is it fair to Red51. We created the complaint dept and even told everyone in the previous threads that anyone could join it and speak their mind and open constructive dialog like adults, banned players, active players, disgruntled players, all are welcome. Guess how many of these ppl making these trolling posts have come to that discussion channel to talk like adults.......ZERO, not one of them.

      We do have proof about Coyggy's harassment as well as the testimony of all the players above who were victim to it and as I stated on Coyggy's thread (which he conveniently deleted and then blocked me) Trouble wanted to give him a 4th chance but Silver and I were done coddling him and Trouble was not the one who banned him.
    • Here is what i had posted on Coyggy's thread that he kept deleting:

      This is laughable. Born Rebel/ Coyggy:
      1. you took advantage of a price glitch at the data center on our server more than once after you were told that doing so would crash it and hurt game play for other players and you even tried to tell others not to inform us of the glitch so you could take advantage of it for as long as possible. 2.When you first came onto our server you told me in conversation that you love trolling ppl. 3. Agreed to buy stacks at a high price to get rid of competition only to lower the price after you bought the first couple stacks, and this you did to your "friends" you claim to have had. 4. you insulted and threatened to run another player out of business and that you would get them banned from our server. The whole time you thought we were spying on you your "friends" were reporting & complaining to us about your attitude and behavior. Trouble gets a bad rap because she is on and taking care of the server more than the rest of us and she becomes the person who handles most issues on our server. You were banned but you tried the ole "you cant fire me i quit" AND the hilarious part is that Trouble was going to give you a 4th chance but Silver and I were extremely adamant about you being banned. It's also sad that you keep deleting ppls posts on this thread, and it's shameful because all you are doing is hurting rising world and Red's hard work. This is a great game, Serenity is one of many great servers for this game and you can play on as many as you like while playing on our server and the only time we have ever banned anyone relating to playing on other servers is when we had a brief period where another server was actively attacking our server, tryin to recruit ppl, and trolling. I guess since you have such a love for trolling that would be why you know some of the ppl who were banned and you say they tried to "warn" you. You can keep deleting my post and i will keep reposting the truth.


      P.S. If Coyggy and/or DaBoiye truly feel that we are in the wrong then they can feel free to go to silvernetix.com and there's a link for our Complaint Dept on Discord. By all means if you are truly upset and want some resolution then please go there and open some dialog and quit damaging and disrespecting Red51's hard work. Otherwise I will call it what it is immature, butt hurt, trolling.
    • Well now lets see where i should start.

      1. You keep claiming I used a glitch, well then maybe you could awnser how it is a glitch to sell to Data Center wich is the way to sell stuff to your server, and why trouble raised the price on the specific item me and a few ppl allowed to know about it was selling, you know aswell as I that it is no glitch but something programmed to allow a few players to make more money then others too keep the economy running. And it is true I told one other player about this way of making money, tho I told her to not tell other players bcause troubble wouldnt be to happy if it did get out in the open on the server, tho trouble knew i told this specific person.

      2. No I said that I in the past did some trolling with some friends on facebook, tho that it was many years back.

      3. Well that is something you also know is false and on purpouse twisted information from you. The top players who I played with was together setting prices and yes we absolutely bought stuff for way above server value, and we did that for all my 9 months. All prices raised more the 4 times the value since I started the server and Me and 2 others decided to make the dead server serenity was at the point in to an blooming economy, wich it is today. So claiming we raised price on the "first couple of stacks" is another false statement, price depended on supply at the moment and it was allways far above server value.

      4. This is propably the only part you got allmost right. Since I actually threatened a guy to run him out of business if he didnt change his behaviour. Tho I didnt like hear from a person i cared about on the server feeling threatend by this person and I also didnt like that this person was trying to interfer in my business and tried to steal my deal by pming ppl he saw I was dealing with. So I gave him a fair chance and told him that we could play this 2 ways. 1. we both leave eachother alone and mind our of business or 2. I could start selling what he sells and do it for half the price.

      And this is something your "spies" (or well the ppl "spying" as you said) should have been reporting also, so either you or them is giving false information.
    • DaBoiye schrieb:

      One question, can you disprove his claims? I have *hehe* ALOT of experience with Serenity(server) & Trouble(admin) (10d + playtime on the server) and have good reason to believe him. Reason? Trouble admitted to me that she was tracking me and banned me for playing on other servers. I don't want to create drama but I suggest you research this more thoroughly. Any commenting here may get messy, there have been previous complaints against this server have sometimes raged out of control.
      Why yes, I can using the post of AnonymouRW in fact.

      Per "Born rebel", in the screen cap of OP, "...Trouble who threatens players with bans to get access to their private discord messages," .

      Yet in the following quote from AnonymousRW, in this very thread, you can see that Teenysasha, who to my knowledge is still a member of Serenity, and a productive, well liked one at that, states clearly that "..Ms. T asked to see copies of our chat...". As can be seen in the screen cap below, it was clearly an "ask", no threats of banning or other threats stated, and this from the proverbial horse's mouth. Was it right to ask for PM's? Not really, yet if you have an idea about Trouble, and have seen all she does, then you know she cares a whole lot about the Serenity community. She wanted to have as much knowledge/facts about what was going on before she makes the commitment to ban someone. If anything, Trouble will give someone numerous "2nd chances" as long as the issue is against her. Fair warning to those that would try to harm a Serenity player though, as I honestly believe Trouble would become the "mama bear protecting her cub".

      AnonymousRW schrieb:

      For the record:

      Saying that they asked for a private conversation:

      Saying that they checked where a player plays using the player's IP:

      And this statement per the OP screen capture of "Born rebel" states "...according to her own words the server track their players IP to see if they play on other servers Wich according to her is forbidden and will get you banned.".

      In the AnonymousRW screen cap early in this thread and above, Trouble does state she has the "IP" of some person. Well this is a server for multiplayer, how else do they know how to grant what privileges and such? It's not through logging in with a User/Password combo, it is through IP. That is also how they Ban people if they break server rules and so on.

      Now, if you have chatted with Trouble at all, not to mention an almost majority of other in-game text chatters, myself included at times, you have to read the whole thing and have a little insight to the poster. Trouble clearly does not want, nor would any other Server Owner/Admin, and not to forget players, anyone coming into the server and trying to recruit to another server, let alone talk good or bad about another server while on a different server. Trouble simply noted the possible "recruiter's" IP so if said person returned under a different player name, it would be easy to point out and ban said player. This is what any good owner/admin would do, and is part of the ohh so many different things they have to do.