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      Thought I'd spawn this thread to ramble on a bit more while checking out what Rising World may or may not be capable of at a glance........Just seeing what people have built out of that engine, if there's any naval games out there, as well as if I'm intelligent or stupid to tackle it solo. At what I'm finding I think I'll have to piggy back off Red51's talent + any wonderful plugins & side help, and such of other people as I try to see things into existence in some manner......

      - Homepage:

      I've been loosely wondering if anybody modeled a working AT-ST model for JMonkey, or if (more seriously) someone tackled a WW2 era naval game with that engine.

      I can't tell if it's JMonkey engine or not, but I'd love to see something similar to this in general in Rising World. The detailing of the vessel, the turning of the turrets, the firing....... It be perfect with the quality that Red51 puts into the game. It isn't survival, I'm aware..... Just something for ..... Amusement, or something. Territorial survival, maybe..... Having finally played 'World of Warships', missing Silent Hunter 3 type navel freedom, I have to wonder if Rising World could have at least one Z-Class WW2 era destroyer into that game. Thanks to World of Warships I was also inspired into taking a light curious peak into this engine to see what's possible at a glance. It's also because of me wondering if Rising World is on Java or not because of the whole Minecraft mess. Please allow us to have AT-ST's & a German WW2 destroyer in Rising World :P

      I really have to wonder deeply about the vanilla & modding side for this game..... I hope we can do a lot because there's massive voids everywhere for many things to fill that can be done easily in rising World.........
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    • Thanks, but I singled out the naval warship video purposely. I did notice those at a glance, yet wanted to focus on something more WW2 naval. if you can find any more naval warfare for this engine then those would be welcomed so I can try nudging seeing that in Rising World on either the vanilla or plugin/modding side of things. I do want it to happen because there's a free-roaming WW2 naval war game that it be fun to just sail your vessels through a vast endless world; Bonus if the ship turrets can fire somewhat realistically, similar to what's in 'World of Warships' :D

      You've posted something neat though.... Car racing that I may have to come to expect that habit of car behaviour in Rising World, unless Red51 manages to tweak it in a specific Rising World fashion via personal habit coding, or similar. When it comes to vehicles I do hope they're weighted, not "light weight" as in that second last video.

      Seeing that destroyer in the first post is showing nice signs of what Rising World could possibly add.
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    • Those are even worse examples going in a completely different direction now. I've seen something where you can treat entites as RTS units, something that I'd find amusing if and when we gain drones in the game. I'm curious if you could command NPCs like RTS units in a game while having a light RPG element to it in the modern era of things. It's things like that.

      And again, mainly focusing on naval elements.
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    • Sneaky_Koala schrieb:

      OT but I find it amusing those on steam bagging minecraft using java who are totally unaware this game is java even though it says so straight out in the specs.

      I don't like java myself (first a C programmer from '92 and then OO C++) but it has it's place. Cross platform is great as a Linux user since '97 and even though C is cross platform it needs a bit of fiddling around.
      That's actually the reason why I went to look at the JMonkey engine because people enjoy treating Minecraft like a piece of crap by being anti-Minecraft. I went to see if Rising World is Java based, found that it is to then search to see if there's any naval related content. I dislike how people try to 'suck-up' by claiming Rising World is the very best while knocking Minecraft down to the ground in a traitorous manner. Rising World was inspired by Minecraft using it as a respectful stepping stone to reach higher

      It's Mojang I hate, not Minecraft. There's a big difference there to make note of that I'm frustrated with Mojang with how "sloppy" they are. I can't code to save my life so I have to respect people wishing I had those skills. I tried learning yet my mind won't grasp it unless there's those rare blue moons. If I learn it I'll soon forget it as well.
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