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      Hello all!

      Ok going a different route with my server I am now creating my own map that i created 12 years ago.
      Bring it to the RW game.

      Players that join the server will be level 1

      max level is 5, which you can obtain within 24 hours of gameplay.
      Players of level 1 and 2 cannot terraform, but these levels cannot lose there inventory upon death, great time to explore the land in search of an great location to build your base before level 3.

      At level 3 you will gain the ability to dig and also you will lose your inventory upon death.

      takes about 3 hours of gameplay to reach level 3 which is giving by the "Overseer"

      More information to come...

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      As shown on the map below we use these " Limit walls" to keep players within the area you want them to be.

      We use the plugin "portal" to make this happen. The Limit walls are located on all ends of the Lost sea. There will also be a area protection ZONE just before each wall.
      Wanting you to turn back before you touch the limit wall that teleports you back to the starting area.

      This portal + area protection, goes all the way down to hell and very high in the sky.
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      Ok ladys and Gents unlike other servers, I have created this whole map myself, and have placed trees, crops, and animals in there own areas

      These are the only areas where i will respawn the trees, animals and the crops are area protected so they will regrow in time.

      Please keep in mind, map is still fairly new, you may find some animals in locations they don't belong, if you do, you can kill them off.
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