Item Requirements

    • Item Requirements

      Hello Red51!

      I just wanted to know if there is a way on changing the requirements for each item you want?

      for all Admins to set a more challenging way to craft your items?

      For example:

      Sledge Hammer:


      Stick x 2
      Iron Ingot x4

      I would love to set this item like this

      Sledge Hammer:


      Stick x 12
      Iron Ingot x24

      Only because when you hit another block, instead of destroying the block its added to your inventory.

      So i would rather it be a little tougher to acquire.
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    • Iron tools in general could be more expensive in iron I think. We can find iron ore pretty easy, and now, with the same amount of iron, we can craft an iron tool or 2 muskets balls. also, the mining drill (whitch is very fun and much appreciate for future huge builds) need to be harder to get. Actually, on my new world I got the mining drill before the steel pickaxe (witch is pretty damn cool, but suffer of the mining beast). Add mitrhil to the recipe at least.