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      This is the last of the houses that I originally had on the forum. The wife asks "Why do you build such weird crap, dude?" I come from a very traditional town, with the traditional, L-shaped ramblers that were popular during WWII. On rare occasion, you'll see a Victorian or Georgian colonial. Those are warm; they have character and history. But that's all I ever knew, until I was stationed at Camp Pendleton for Field Medical Service School (FMSS, to any of my fellow Devil Docs here). The first time I walked around Oceanside (God, that was like 15 years ago, but feels like yesterday) I remember thinking "Dang, did I wander into like a Dr. Seuss book?" The architecture was mystifying to me, being a small town Ohioan farm boy suddenly let loose into the big city life of California. Well, that plus that was the day I discovered a certain beverage called Sparks, so everything looked a little like Dr. Seuss that evening :) Anyway, most of my houses I build look like this. granted, they don't have the warmth that a traditional Colonial have. However, these houses, to me, have a zing, a verve that your more traditional homes don't have.
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