VR Support after stable release?

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    • VR Support after stable release?

      NOTE: This would be good after a stable version is released. I rather have more features first, VR later.

      I have in fact read steam discussions about this, 3 to be exact. But all of them are just requests. I would also like to make suggestions for controls. I will add more suggestions to this. But for now I would like to start with Rift Controls.

      1. Movement
      ABCD = WDSA
      (Tap = Crouch Toggle) OR (Hold = Crouch)
      Double Forward = Sprint
      2. A = Zoom
      B = Rotate X* degrees right
      C = Unmapped
      D = Rotate X* degrees left
      Tap = Jump
      Double Tap or Hold = Fly
      3. Inventory
      4. Chat
      5. Map
      6. Journal
      7. Main Menu
      8. SteamVR Menu
      9. Secondary Action (similar to right click)
      10. Primary Action (similar to left click)
      11. HOLD to activate Placement Mode, but must have a placeable object in hand. (Might switch with 12?)
      12. HOLD and move hand left or right. Left = Compass, Right = Clock

      Placement (Holding Left Grip. Might be right grip?)
      Move left controller to move object left and right.
      13. Press = Freeze
      A. Taller ( Both grips held)
      Grid size +
      B. Wider
      C. Shorter (Both grips held)
      Grid Size -
      D. Thinner
      14. A. If controller is horizontal = Forward
      If vertical = Up
      B. Unmapped
      C. If horizontal = Backward
      If vertical = Down
      D. Unmapped
      15. Toggle Modular
      16. Toggle Grid
      17. Reset placement
      18. Unbound
      19. Main Menu
      20. SteamVR Menu
      21. Unmapped
      22. Unmapped
      23. HELD
      24. Hold to resize element. -> Use left joystick to resize

      This idea is not finalized. Welcome to suggestions for change.

      I might work on some ideas for the mapping of the Vive wands. But I'm not familiar with them so idk.
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