Transportaion, New look at coding ideas

  • Ok, I know this been brought up and all many times but I thought to add a new thread dedicated to an alternate form of coding up a form of movement.

    Lets look at this from a different angle and instead of wasting time building modals with defined "skins" lets create an engine block, or a defined form of intractable movement (block) like a blueprint that has player access tools built into the block
    that people use to set a defined area to link all the constructs into one unit/skin to create a moving object. The area select tool then has a front and back for defining your back forward movement keys.
    This way the player has full control on designing what type of vehicle, animal, boat or flying object they wish to make.

    Movement perimeters are then based on 4 different movement block types, an engine for boats that has perimeters to float above water but wont work on land, say the engine block itself then will need tools to edit how high the engine block needs to be
    off the water that is separate of the area for defining the skin so we dont get what appears to be "walking on water" boats or to much under water, and this sets the water line for the boat.
    Engine block for cars that works on land. (unless you wish to drown yourself) :rolleyes:
    A gear looking block that can be resized to fit animals from cats to horses. make a re-sizable block for sitting in for mount saddles. Welcome player movable/made pets or what ever into the game :thumbsup:
    An engine block for flying machines. (could also be used for submersibles) (hmm not sure how hard it would be to code up something that allows us to go under water outside of a scuba tank suite.?)

    Not very familiar to writing code and the such but know enough that this should be obtainable and a faster method of releasing movable part items into the game and leave the "skins" of the moving modal to the players
    so time isnt lost on premade modals like the cloths.

    Other notes:
    Doors, use the same concept as the engine block for doors, make a re sizing hinge side and that way we can make any sized door.
    Vehicle/saddle seating, again give us a block that uses the same concept as the chairs already in game or just make a few saddles and an array of seatings or make like the vehicle blocks and we make our own seating skins.

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