List of furniture suggestions

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  • I'm just gonna put my list of furniture I'd like to see here rather than messaging (and probably bothering) Red on steam. Just because this is a long list, I'm going to bold and underline the things I'd like sooner rather than later, and the rest are just ideas.

    -Wide bed
    -Bigger curtains/blinds
    -Bathtub/Shower stuff
    -Indoor ovens (Stoves, ovens, those little toaster oven things, microwaves)
    -Wall shelves/cabinets
    -Mirrors (Reflection not neccesary)
    -Thin walls for indoors (just the slabs on their sides would work perfectly)
    -More chairs
    -Sliding glass doors
    -Garage doors/Roll-up doors
    -Couchbed/Futon (contextual interaction folds out mattress)
    -Cash register
    -Freeform stuff with more textures
    -Taller tables
    -Ceiling fan with light
    -Dimmer electronic lights (they're way too bright)
    -Ivy racks and/or freeform vines and foliage

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