Announcement Changelog 2014-09-08: Chests, Trashcans and much more

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  • Changelog 2014-09-08: Chests, Trashcans and much more

    Hey folks!

    It's about to happen again: A new update ist available! :)

    This update brings some new and quite important features! The most important feature is the ability to create chests, which serve as a storage for your items. There are currently several different chests available, some wooden chest, a metal chest and also a wooden barrel. Apart from that, some of the regular furniture also offer storage space, for example the sidetable, desk and some kitchenets. You can also use the "Gear" function of a camping tent now.

    Next, this update brings trashcans, which are used for the disposal of items, and also a new craftingstation, an anvil. In the same vein, we changed some of the recipes; for example, if you want to create a pickaxe now, you first need to forge the head of the pickaxe as a single component, and then combine it with a stick to get the final item.

    Last but not least, this update brings more new objects: For example a ceiling fan, different grates and rails, a new bed and a new chair.

    Apart from the new content, we fixed several bugs (e.g. the tent context menu works now again) and did some other minor changes.

    Full changelog:
    • [New] New feature: Chests. Related objects: Chests, Barrel, Sidetable, Desk, Tent, Kitchenets (i.e. those objects are acutally a chest/storage unit)
    • [New] New craftingstation: Anvil, which is used to craft metal components
    • [New] New objects: Trashcans, which are used for the disposal of items
    • [New] New objects: Ceiling fan, Rails, Grates, Vents, Officechair, Bunk bed
    • [New] Added variations for lattice door, desk and small tables
    • [New] Added new metal items which serve as a basic component when crafting
    • [New] Added sounds when climbing ladders
    • [Change] Added a warning message when only 32-bit java is installed on a 64-bit OS (this combination causes the game to crash in most cases)
    • [Change] Moved assetloading to another threads, this speeds up the initial gamestart by 4-7 seconds, but can also be disabled in config file if it causes trouble
    • [Change] Moved integrated server (which is also responsible for singleplayer) to a separate thread, should make the game in SP or in MP when hosting run more smoothly
    • [Change] Did a small adjustment for falling leaves effect (increased particle count and lifetime)
    • [Change] Changed a few recipes and moved some items/objects to other craftingstations
    • [Change] Changed appearance of objects when they're in your inventory (removed labels and added a small construction icon)
    • [Change] Updated debug screen (F3) to show current CPU load of the game
    • [Bugfix] Made the context menu work again (scrolling was broken in previous versions, concerns tents and other players)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong objectplacement on stairs
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong placement of torchmounts on cylinders
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing tooltips for objects when they're in your inventory
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong lighting of keys when using a piano in some cases
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  • A small bugfix has just been released, fixing a few bugs from the previous update, and also bringing a new, helpful (at least in multiplayer) function.

    Changelog Bugfix 2014-09-09:
    • [New] Added a new console command (F12) "makeadmin PLAYERNAME" to give adminrights to another player (this player must be connected) and "revokeadmin PLAYERNAME" to revoke his rights
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a problem that caused an error when respawning after death (preventing you from respawn)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed erroneous chest status when chunk was modified while chest is open
    • [Bugfix] Fixed placement of grates/rails/vents
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a small bug that increased opening-/closing-speed of chests when clicking on them frequently
  • Another bugfix is available, bringing a few changes and some more bugfixes!

    Changelog Bugfix 2014-09-10:
    • [Change] Most types of chests can now only be openend when you stand in front of it
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a nasty bug that caused the game to crash when placing a ceiling fan
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug on MacOS preventing the game to start (SSAO Problem is unfortunately still not fixed yet)
    • [Bugfix] Inventory now correctly updates when interacting with a trashcan
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