Trees/Log types.

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    • Trees/Log types.

      My suggestion is really easy!

      Types of connectable logs, (maby 2x2) my goal for this object is super simple.

      Decorative wooden support pillars which look like classic support structures.

      Palisade walls. (with the spike on top of its not to much)

      And log cabens. one of my favorite things to build in minecraft is "stacked" log cabbins, make it look like the raw tree just got trimmed and placed.

      Complicated answer: a system of turning trees directly into logs without getting rid of there texture, character, and shape, Almost as simple as moving the existing tree into a new position. The textures you already have for "lumber" and "trees" is so very bland! almost like i went to lows and bought a rack of it. something more "crude" and "rugged" would appeal to a darker (Gothic) build style.