Adding difference option to the construction system

    • Adding difference option to the construction system

      Its hard to describe but imagine using blocks to produce a hollow square which will be your wall and where your window will go. You use planks and the grid system to put panels on the wall, covering the open space for the window. you move around to the other side of the wall that you havent covered yet and place the window frame such that it cuts through the planks covering the other side (and with the difference modifer on ie: holding control+alt) when you place, allows the window frame to cut a hole through the plank. With a difference option (the ability of one object to cut through and alter another objects model) the possibilities of what can be created are essentially endless. At that point, so long as we have primitives we can model whatever we cant already find prebuilt in the game.
    • Sounds like you're describing Boolean geometry operations. Basically you join objects together or subtract one from another. Its a common tool that 3d builders use to take primitive shapes and construct more elaborate ones.

      I've suggested this a few times before as a more advanced construction tool. I'm not sure how practical it is tho to implement it mainly because of texture alignment. Basically Red's gone done quite a bit of work to make sure textures on different objects align when placed next to others of the same pattern. Otherwise it looks funny. With the boolean objects, you open the door for all sorts of new shape possibilities. Not sure how that would work but I definitely do love the idea.
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