several suggestions

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    • several suggestions

      Hello, here are my suggestions.
      First of all I think there are missing blocks to make the worlds more realistic.
      These are some Blocks Spheres, Cylinders and half hollow Cylinders, for when
      the water has the possibility to flow use it as water pipes, Cone and
      cone trunk all this programmable blocks.
      Another suggestion would be to have the Texture and Blueprint package in the
      folder of each world and automatically detect it, in this way each world
      would have the textures and objects in place without interfering in others.
      In the part of the land, to have the possibility of turning the textures
      so that it does not look so linear, the leveling of the land rises a
      block at the moment, the ideal would be a quarter of block besides the
      possibility of inclination to be able to obtain perfect ramps.
      I do not know if it happened to me, but I've seen other similar games and have these options.