Youtube vs Twitch

  • I'm saying this in the serious tone I can so I do hope you read this carefully and seriously. There may be spots where I may have fumbled, just do try your best to read it in a serious tone.

    I also feel like I'm fading out of Rising World community that some people may probably be happy about it. Maybe not.... Rising World needs time to grow so I'm simply growing my skills to eventually bring that back into Rising World when it matures. But seriously, .....

    SUPPORT YOUR CONTENT CREATORS. They're going to die on Youtube that it hurt seeing Vortacvids have such low views that it explains why he plays on Twitch; Youtube Algorithms.

    Seeing the low view for his video hurts..... It's why people Twitch.......

  • Alright, it appears Youtube still wants to punish their community through-and-through with the "special help" from Carlos Maza. He was whining like a fragile snowflake (his feelings were hurt) he threw a tantrum, YouTube listened, and they demonetized many people's videos. It appeared as YouTube was waiting for a reason, thus given one by Carlos Mazza's fragile nature to do a blanket attack on Youtube. Then you have the copyright nonsense of people copyright claiming your videos so it makes it all that much harder to make videos on YouTube.

    Doesn't help there is a lower viewership rate on YouTube so all your videos are hidden.

    There's a lot of nonsense behind YouTube right now with many people not being happy about it. We honestly need another YouTube type site out there.

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