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    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Youtube vs Twitch

      I'm saying this in the serious tone I can so I do hope you read this carefully and seriously. There may be spots where I may have fumbled, just do try your best to read it in a serious tone.

      Alright, I do apologise for rambling & venting a lot. There's many things that gets under my skin that you guys know this, and there is a hell of a lot within the gaming & VR market. That aside, I want to give you guys a little heads up about something relating you Youtube that you should all know.

      1) Support your content creators:
      If there is a content creator you like, support them to hell and back. Support them hard! Don't take things for granted that you should 100% support anybody that makes Youtube videos because it's becoming harder and harder to make videos that I'm even seeing VortacVids's views dropping not because of lack of interest, but becaues of how algorithms work on Youtube favouring daily & bigger channels.

      If you make videos monthly or yearly, screw you then. Blame Youtube on that forcing people to go to Twitch. Also, you'll notice a dip in motivation that people just don't make "interesting" videos anymore. People won't make videos that they'll do other things instead. If you want more content, support them.

      2) Don't take things for granted:

      If you love a Youtuber make sure to stick with them through-and-through by clicking the notification bell, actually going to their channel, and actually supporting them. Check back on them daily, bi-daily, weekly, & etc. Just whatever you can manage with your habits. Now more than ever go find if they have a Patreon to donate to them. Help them out, support them. If not, you won't see them on Youtube again, let alone Twitch. If you continue hanging with them you'll keep them alive longer. Stay with them, help them out.... Even a little bit helps that they shall stick around.

      3) Death of Youtube; Growth of Twitch:

      Youtube shot themselves in the foot that I'm seeing many of my favourite Youtubers migrate over to Twitch because of how vile Youtube has become that people are treating Youtube more like a "highlights" server now. It's less to do with Let's Playhs and more to do with highlights that any genuine gameplay is held over on Twitch now. Miss anything? Twitch clips, or you better hope they are.

      You're even seeing it with a brainless teen trying to be all "cute" with his idiotic hat recording a video for Rising World harassing people calling the game "Minecraft rip-off":
      YouTuber calls RisingWorld a Minecraft rip off

      If you don't want these "try hard" dramatic teens then support the proper Youtubers, not the brainless buffoon in that link.

      4) Thumb people up Youtube side:

      Honestly, thumb up people's videos to support them. This goes a long way. Support, comment. Anything. This is a tiny community, but even so..... Even a tiny bit goes a long way. Please do comment more & help wherever you can because any demotivation means death to the Youtuber you enjoy.

      5) "Please make more Rising World videos" (Arcticu to the lurkers):

      Honestly, I want to make videos of Rising World for Youtube just that it's so slow paced and still "empty" that it's hard. Vortacvids does it so much better that you'd only get my highlights from Twitch. Just watch me on Twitch until Red51 allows actual 'VRM' support for both player & NPC side of things. Rising World needs to be able to play itself as much as we play in it to allow for Youtube Let's Plays that I find it better to stream.

      For example:

      VRM support:

      When you allow the modding community to switch and swap humanoid models you open up a big flood gate that Magic Blast VR is trying to tap into from VRchat. Even Beat Saber. Rising World needs to play similar to 'Colony Survival' where the game can play itself with NPCs doing their own things, then I'll Youtube it. I honestly want to tap into the Rising World Youtube side of things just that it's only about building so far. We do have fishing and mounts, but what else? I need more things that I see in VRchat, Tower Unite, among others. I need more features to play with under the hood.

      I can't figure out how to play with the music API side of things that I let Rising World "sit". It's idling..... It's a great game, but I feel bad for Red51 and such. It still needs more updates. It's simply better on Twitch right now because you gain the genuine reactions there without having to waste many hours making a static video which shall hide in Youtube's algorithm.



      Even I'm migrating over to Twitch with how much easier it is that I simply clip any moments. I don't really have the time to edit videos that it becomes one or two videos a month.... Work, and all that. Twitch is easier that you just play and have fun. Twitch clips. I saw a massive dip in my views as well for VRchat videos on Youtube that it's demotivating, yet thankful people still view my videos at all. This goes not just for my channel, but EVERYBODY. Support anybody, even if it's something tiny.

      I also feel like I'm fading out of Rising World community that some people may probably be happy about it. Maybe not.... Rising World needs time to grow so I'm simply growing my skills to eventually bring that back into Rising World when it matures. But seriously, .....

      SUPPORT YOUR CONTENT CREATORS. They're going to die on Youtube that it hurt seeing Vortacvids have such low views that it explains why he plays on Twitch; Youtube Algorithms.

      Seeing the low view for his video hurts..... It's why people Twitch.......
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    • Alright, it appears Youtube still wants to punish their community through-and-through with the "special help" from Carlos Maza. He was whining like a fragile snowflake (his feelings were hurt) he threw a tantrum, YouTube listened, and they demonetized many people's videos. It appeared as YouTube was waiting for a reason, thus given one by Carlos Mazza's fragile nature to do a blanket attack on Youtube. Then you have the copyright nonsense of people copyright claiming your videos so it makes it all that much harder to make videos on YouTube.

      Doesn't help there is a lower viewership rate on YouTube so all your videos are hidden.

      There's a lot of nonsense behind YouTube right now with many people not being happy about it. We honestly need another YouTube type site out there.
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