Welcome to Asgard!

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    We've posted an important announcement regarding the current situation and the future of the game: Announcement

    • Welcome to Asgard!

      Jump through the Bifröst and enter into Asgard!

      Whether you are a Thor fan, a scholar of mythology or just enjoy playing along with other people in Rising World, we welcome all

      Our server may still be new but we already have some great builds coming along and have made many friends along the way. Get immersed into an active and fun community and help us tell more people about this awesome game.

      Fun features on this survival based server:

      • Make and grow your empire with our economy and automated treasury where you can sell resources, or trade with other players.
      • Build amazing structures using the popular PNB plugin and use blueprints once you reach the required in game rank.
      • Level up through the ranks, it is all time based on gameplay and is automatic: (Aesir, Numinous, DemiGod, God & Zen).
      • Active admins and staff that play alongside you and help with basic terrain and building tasks.
      • Area protection for your claim and you can get more claims as you rank up.
      • Portals leading to different biomes, all players also get their own portals for each of their claims.
      • Commercial district area where players can also purchase commercial plots to build their shops or community buildings.
      There are many more features, but we are also open to more suggestions to help make Asgard a more fun place for you to play!

      Discord: discord.gg/cHj63WX
      Server: Find Asgard in the server list or join with ip address (

      Staff: (Owners - @Pounce22, @Stager83) (Admins - robbieblokken, recruiting more) (Builders - @Alex74, recruiting more). If you want to be part of the Asgard team join our discord and touch base with one of the owners!

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      Join us on Asgard! Discord - discord.gg/cHj63WX | IP -

    • Welcome to Asgard,

      We are proud to present a server where all can come and enjoy this wonderful game. Create as you please, become as wealthy as you can possibly imagine and see who gets to be the first to get to endgame Paradises...Upcoming will be Horse races, Hunting trips and much much more...Seeyou on Asgard!!!
      Mitzi Owner ASGARD server

      Discord: discord.gg/cHj63WX

      Server: Find Asgard in the server list or join with ip address (

    • Mossimo wrote:

      Yes thank you for welcoming me. I found this on the list a while back and have been playing on this server and it is fun!
      I hope you take my suggestion about adding in the maze with real traps like the dungeons because that would be really cool. :thumbup:
      Speaking of which! yes I just finished making blueprints of the traps such as the spikes, fake floors, pressure spike etc... So the next task is the maze.
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      Join us on Asgard! Discord - discord.gg/cHj63WX | IP -

    • Updates:

      Herewith some new screenshots from our server.

      The welcome area with the round fountain, the colorful bifrost and a new portals building! :)
      A huge thanks to Gillwin for helping us make Asgard even better.
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      Join us on Asgard! Discord - discord.gg/cHj63WX | IP -