Private Worlds & Servers

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Private Worlds & Servers

      Hello all,

      As I'm fairly new to RW, I do not have a server up and running, as of yet. But this is my goal.

      I do however have a private map called Balbury, which friends can join. It is a 'server in the making', I'm still in the process of getting used to plugins and the like, but I do have AreaProtection up and running.

      I'm looking for more players to join and help me move along the transition into a decent server world, where people can build their own plots and own their own land without the risk of griefing, etc.


      If anyone would like to add me on Steam, I would welcome this. My username is Michaelc9.

      Alternatively, if anyone has any advice or suggestions on what is currently big within the world of server hosting, or what people look for, then please let me know in the comments.