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The Building-Update for the new version is now available!

    These are my new ideas please tell me what you think about them :D

    -scrolls/books so you could take notes if you wanted to

    -If there is a hell maybe there could be a heaven area
    -For this area I would say add a few mountains (with a few I mean that they should be rare but not so rare that no matter where you go you can’t find one) spread over the map that end above the clouds where there will be the heaven area and you could walk on but not break the clouds. There would be mobs there and some kind of heaven materials/ores (I was thinking mithril maybe as an ore and maybe this is where one could acquire marble for marble floor tiles and such )on top of the clouds. There could also be hell and heaven villages. Like the heaven villages would be more likely to be friendly while the hell villages could be more likely to be warlike.

    -Maybe add ski’s, cause when there is snow it would be amazing to just ski down the mountain :D

    -maybe add maps so you can chart the area around your base

    -Maybe add smelting and crafting times so not everything would be done instantly (I don’t know if this is planned or not), this would add a bit of realism

    -(If this isn’t planned yet) something that you can write on and hang it up, like a board, so everyone could read it. For like faction announcements or server announcements. So if you want to ask people a question or want to explain something you can do so with a free drawing/writing board. You could add dye and a crafting recipe for a marker so you could draw/write on the board. I would like this so I could use this learning from someone/teaching someone.

    -I would also like to be able to invite my friends from steam to a game.

    The End :P

    I also thought that a skill system might be cool, like a crafting skill(this for example could give a small bonus to the crafter of an item like a chest plate) and farming skill(for the farming my idea was that the foods you can plant should need different farming skill levels, so a tomato could be a level 1 food plant while a carrot could be a level 2 plant)!
    So yeah just let me know what you think about this idea!

    So personally I think this game is amazing, but to me when I want to play with my friends we would really like to do faction based fighting, so for this I would like to suggest a few things:
    1)Some sort of siege engine would be very cool
    2)maybe explosives
    3)I think traps would make this more interesting aswell
    4)wolves will make it more difficult for the faction to expand to fast
    5)different tiered weapons and armor
    6)Something that might be worth looking into is blocks that have a different amount of hit points for example, a stone block wood have more hp than a wooden block
    7)I would also like to see a few ranged weapons

    So these are just a few Ideads but I would like to hear what you guys think about this.

    For the single player there are some things that I would really want, like:
    1)I would like to see some sort of village in the game(so there are villagers from which you can buy rareish loot)
    2)a lot of different kinds of ores, cause I am just one of those people who loves mining :D
    3)From what I saw in the forum mob wise I thought that the people here had lots of good ideas

    So just let me know what you people think about this. And I know that most of this will probably not be added, but still I would like to tell people what I think could be added to make gameplay more interesting.