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    Yes you can actually make a "copy" of a building, city or whatever and take it to any other server with Blue prints enable and paste it in there. There in lays the problem, people get upset seeing their building they may of spent weeks on building it, just pasted into the game. Myself believe imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and some get spitting mad.

    Oh he still helps me with stuff when I post on the forum. It is just not using one of the tool the game DEV gives us strike me as ludicrous... Not sure where the slander remark came from, far as I can see I made no slanderous remarks just facts... As always everyone has there opinions and thought on matters that's what the forum is for exchange of ideas thought etc.


    So I have been on several Servers that have a banner going by while you are in the server list looking for games. How is that done? Most times it tell the IP what type of server it is etc.

    Have you looked at this It tell you how to use the extended construction system. At any rate if you press G when you place wood planks etc it will lay our a grid system. Objects will snap to it. You can then press you left click on your mouse to step back and look at it. For some reason the tutorial part of the forums is down or you could read Meltron's tutorial for beginners which is excellent.

    Galveston01 what is the blockbank?

    Sigh I'm sorry I am the worlds worst communicator ;( ask Yahgiggle... Ok I slept on it and got to thinking what I was asking for was impossible. Well for this script anyways, I was wanting to put in blocks. So I thought if you could just put in block ID number I could fill the area with cobblestone blocks. Then I realize this is for earth material.
    Just thought I would let you know so you wouldn't think I was totally nuts in the head. :P That could be your next project though?

    I downloaded the file, it was in a RAR zip, I unzipped it that opened to a file "TheAncientAge.zip_10924_i58226618_il345" I unzipped it it said parts were broken. Not sure where to go from here?

    Thank you all for you hard work. When I try even the simplest LUA like Hello world it tell me "no".

    So I know there is a lot of hard work in this add on and it is great. One question is there any way to first make a straight line? Then to say you are a the limit of the \we clear \we fill etc.

    Second question is there anyway you can remove the unknown command when I run this command or is that hard coded into the game?

    Thanks again....

    Yes I am really hoping for a map system in the update. I run a server and it is hard to plan for cities growth where to put people etc. While F3 does tell you where your are there is no real reference point. Compass helps to tell you where home is but as far as I can tell the sun rises in the north so... But I am a city boy so I may not be reading the compass right.

    Backtrack much Yahgiggle? :D I agree with Yahgiggle that will not run the game. It almost sounds like they are renting you a laptop...5400 rpm hard drive is is is well just sad.... Not sure if I can "advertise but the place I rent from does pretty good for me. If you are interested PM me.

    Yes I have notice the limits. I thought they were in the LUA, but could not find it in the code. I was hoping if I did it locally it would do more,but no... Then I got thinking for my Server I probably will have to go with flat world to get what I want. I envision a Medieval world with villages ad such. Having to clear huge areas to do that will that a bit more time than what I have. I decide to wait until the next update to see where RED is going and plan accordingly.

    It happens when I play, mostly at night. It is worst when I fly. My Screen is at 1280 by 1024 any lower it goes off the screen... Now you got me curious Red what is it? I know a wee bit about computers and programming.. so you can tell me straight :P Will I ever be ever to play the game again. :D I have an old 386 I could play it on resoultion could be lower there.. Plays DOOM really well. :P .As always thanks for the quick replies you too Yahgigggle thanks for the suggestion..


    At times, mostly at night I will get a quick white flash. While this would not bother most people. I get migraines and flashes is one of the triggers ;(. I have updated the drivers on my video card, running java 8,51. The total build on my machine is I5 3.4 ghz, 16 GBS ram,Nvidia GTX 760 video card. I am running windows 7 64 bits. I also have a 250 solid state drive so all in all a fairly fast build... I know some games you can put in advance commands in the running line to make it use more ram etc, is there anything like that?