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    Hmmmm But a person would have to know what those commands where in the first place.Such as ^help^ will bring up list of commands Or am I totally and complete missing something? Like a readme for the game?

    That would go along with my thread on a manual for the game... I had no idea there was TP in the game, I tried the set spawnpoint and either it did not do any thing or killed me... sooooo

    But most of want is said goes against Rising World mission statement... "The world can be completely deconstructed without any restrictions. Everything you see can be changed."

    If you totally block TP then you are restricting the persons right to build as they wish. Let the Dev build it in the game. Then let Server owners decide which way they want to go, and then the gamer has a choice of how they want to play...

    Hello All,

    I know there are not that many mods but I was wondering of there was any other mods hanging out some wheres? I have the World edit which isn't a mod per say but it does help with the game. I tried one TP but it does not seem to work. I use RCON which helps manage the server but there has to be others isn't there?

    On the world edit script is there only a clear objects not remove? Or I could be missing something, I select the area re-size it so it goes to the depth I want tell it to /we clear all, or asb, nothing happens. I can remove the grass, I can fill in but I cannot seem to be able to remove. Any thoughts?

    I use my interaction key. I will be putting ores in no problem all of a sudden the hand turns into the on or off selection, and the only way I can get rid of it is by backing up and trying again. My thought is maybe the on off area of the programming is off?

    Why does it take me back to the front page when I click on "BUGTRACKER".

    I am not sure if this is a bug or what. When I am putting ore in or out of the smelters at times, the on off button pops up. I cannot get rid of it besides backing up quite annoying. X( Also at times I cannot put anything into the furnaces. Just thought Red would like to know.

    @ Silver satin define cannot get it to work? Doesn't the red block show up? Can't you place a new blue print?
    Let me know, Worse comes to worse come on my server and we can work it out...

    you are on Yah giggle server right? If so I will be on tonight and you can show me or I can show you what I am trying to do. If you don't have any problems I'll maybe talk you into making it :):D . It need to be 100 feet long at least...

    Oh for the love of Pete!!!! The F1 only comes up it you make the stuff from the sawmill... This is why I like read me. You can put things like that in there... So back to the drawing board, I suppose I could make a TALL wooden tower...

    Well what is suppose to happen is you click on F1 and it brings up other commands including the snap to feature. I click on F1 nothing happens... The reason your method will not work is because the tower is 200 feet tall and hard to see.IF I don't line it up correct no lonnngggg hole to Hell... I watched the video showing how but like alot of things I can and will break it. :D;(

    Never mind I downloaded the newer one and I do not have this issue. BUT..... Is there a way to add more "groups" in the list? Also is there a faster way than click, click,click forever to cover an area?

    I have to say I played Rust for over 2800 hours... The forums the admins always was nice good etc, here not so much. I get a few answers but for the most part nothing... I cannot believe no one else tried this and not made it work?

    Hello All

    Any ideas on building a straight hole? I try to use F3 but all those numbers makes me think of beautiful mind. Also when you are trying to place a blue print how can you make them match? What I am trying to do is make a hole right down to hell!!! and wall it. I use the 1/4 pieces to make a a round hole, then blue print it. Then try to place it on top of each other... Simple enough in theory but in game not so much.