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    ChipT2015 - joins servers places blocks at random wherever he can including on top of protected zones
    ChevyBullas & MyNamesJeff777 go to every chest protected or not and look for things to steal b4 they start looking for things to break

    Im sure this has been asked before

    is it possible to host the dedicated server via your own web hosting
    i am in Australia and all the official hosts are high ping services my web hosting company operates Australian based servers
    so my pig would be small , i can make a sub domain and upload the server files but have no idea how to initiate the server
    or if its even able to be done without other software

    has anyone accomplish this already that could assist ?

    HI All

    this is to the Developer of Area Protection

    how do i stop players from placing a blueprint in a protected area they are not assigned too
    currently my server still permits BP use and when people use a BP they can place it in any location protected or not

    Hi All

    i have setup my own server
    Australian Timezone
    has a few regular players from steam already feel free to join

    Usual Rules
    * no player greifing
    * no trying to wreck built things
    * if its not protected & not yours leave it alone
    *players encouraged to pick a location and have it protected ( you can build in more than one place )
    * Blueprints, Fly Mode, Creative Mode Allowed ( abuse will see you or your build removed )

    i try to keep rules to a minimum, make stuff, have fun Build a community