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    Love your work.

    How did you lay the barrels down? I'm not able to turn the barrels to the sides.

    Haha! don't be melodramatic :P The change is hardly too good to be true, but is actually a great news! Lua, while indeed really easy to learn and use, is only adapted for small features. Even the AreaProtection is reaching Lua's capabilities without affecting the game too much. As for WorldEdit, it does cause the server to hang at times when executing some commands. This could easily be avoided in Java.

    You perhaps need a little more setup for Java (i.e. installing eclipse and creating new Java projects, etc.) but once this is done, you benefit with a strongly typed language (you always know any variable's possible content), auto-completion, debugging tools (i.e. you can avoid many issues even before launching the game, even create independent tests for quality assurance..), have access to the entire game's feature with direct access to any method (i.e. functions) as opposed to an API wrapper for Lua which rely on adapters (i.e. extra calls and data conversion layers), and have access to the entire Java API such as sockets, file I/O, threads, system's hardware, and the RisingWorld's GUI library.

    In essence, this change will not affect current worlds. Clearly, the positive outweigh the negative here. And if no one does it, I will personally make tutorials to help anyone get started easily.

    You're right and your points are strong and valid. It's my own lag of knowledge that keep me limited. I look forward to your tutorials. Thanks

    It's our intention to discard the current Lua API and move to a Java based API instead.

    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is :) I'm sad to hear it isn't going to work out with LUA in the future of RW. Because I'm in current state unable to do anything with JAVA. One big reason I found this game interesting, is being able to maintain LUA scripting myself. I see you logic reason for this change, but still it did kill some of the fun here.

    Added JAVA to my to-do-list! :S

    'That said at some point there will be a soundtrack if enough people demand it. There will be more music soon and it will amount to about an hour of music for the album.
    We'll see if we can either work out a really good deal for those owning the game or if we'll just make it really affordable.

    I would appreciate it very much if you guys will make a soundtrack.

    Probably the ability to paint blocks and construction elements (including glass) will be the best solution for that. It's indeed planned


    Thank you, this is awesome.

    Do you plan to resize the blocks z,y,x so we can make thinner blocks.
    Also do you plan to mirror doors so it's possible to open them both to the left and the right?.

    Yes I am a cable user at home. I have now tested with Cyberghost, and the disconnect problem is gone.
    Thank you very much sir, much appreciated.

    file: script.lua

    Added BrokenBones line to heal funktion.
    [lua]function heal(target)
    local tName = target:getPlayerName()
    target:setBrokenBones(false); -- fix broken bones
    target:sendTextMessage("You've been healed !")

    Added whispers to be shown on both screens from/to.
    [lua]elseif cmd[1] == "/w" then
    if not cmd[2] then return msgInvalidUsage(event.player) end
    local args = explode(" ", cmd[2], 2)
    if not args[2] then return msgInvalidUsage(event.player) end
    -- Show message to reciver
    local toPlayer = server:findPlayerByName(args[1])
    if not toPlayer then return msgPlayerNotFound(event.player) end
    toPlayer:sendTextMessage(timePrefix{text="[#FF55FF]"..event.player:getName().." whispers: "..args[2]});
    -- Show whisper to creator
    event.player:sendTextMessage(timePrefix{text="[#FF55FF]to "..args[1]..": "..args[2]});

    thx for the script, I injoy it so much.


    On the client, we often disconnect, many times each hour. Sometimes we can't login after a disconnect. Then we need to close/restarted the game before we can relog again.


    Disconnect message:You were kicked from the server!No authentication possible

    Need close client and relaunch before we can login again.


    Disconnect Connection Lost

    Need to restart the computer before we can login again most the time with this error.

    Hey there hope you're all feeling fine and dandy ^^

    We have started a dedicated server, hosted at primaservers. The game runs very well here. But our server is not shown at the serverlist. I talked with primaservers, and they say all ports is forwarded correct. But somehow our server will not show up on the serverlist. And we will like to solve this. Hive verification and list visible is both set to true

    Any ideas what could be wrong here? I added the server info below.