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    We lost the receipt for the first pair that we bought from GameStop but the manufacturer warranty lasts for a year, it seems that PS3 peripherals share the same warranty terms as the system itself. I can get an extended warranty for my second pair from Newegg too for between $9 to $14.

    Quick note: Despite it being a PlayStation headset, I do use it much more often with my PC than I do with PS3 and PS Vita.

    So you are afraid that those will stop working soon??

    That as well as the fact that many people (including I) have experienced structural deterioration often within 3-8 months after purchase. On my first pair, fine fractures began to form after about 3 months of use; At the 5th or 6th month, that's when a section that links the left cup to the motor's housing (the silver disk halfway up the height of the headset) gave way and the cup was left hanging by the wiring of the headset.

    I bought a new pair since I was still unsure what I wanted to get at the time. This new pair seems to be a revision (like no "PlayStation" on the sides, an enlarged PS logo on both sides, slightly thicker build and more resistance, gave me a massive headache on the first day due to it's tighter feel (>_<), etc).


    Also dat name^^

    Yeah, that's the full name of the headset. I do not know what Sony was thinking but it's too wordy and kinda awkward to type; I normally just call them "Pulse Elite(s)".

    IK I talk too much. :D

    So I have the PlayStation PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition and I'm on my second pair, my first pair went to wear in 5 months.

    I want to widen my options in case the slightly revised pair that I have (which is not featured in this image) doesn't hold up long so does anybody know of any other vibrating headsets out there worth looking at? I love vibrating headsets since I bought these because it lets me feel the music! ♫ :D

    I've seen this game on the JGO forums on march and I've since watched this amazing looking game take shape, but I've heard from my friends that this game is hard to look up. I've tested this and I find that it is pretty hard to find this game without either a link or searching concept-game with the dash, especially on YouTube, a sea of results like concept art, proof of concepts, concept cars, even "Concept Games" and many others tend to overshadow this game. I was thinking it might be a good idea to make the title more distinguishable for searches later on if possible.