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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!

    You know what I think would be fun? To be able to do something with tree stumps. People like to take the small stumps and make little end tables out of them. Some of those turds, like at Lumens and Groms, are expensive, like between $600 and $1k. Sometimes, it looks like the took a cross section of them, varnished it, and made a table top out of it, and those turds are expensive, too. And, then, on Wayfair, I'm looking at a sled coffee table, the table top looks part wood and part glass, that thing's like over $10k! So, I think it might be fun if we could carve stumps in the game. Not a suggestion, just a "I think that would be fun if..."

    No apologies needed. I have an i5-2400 and a GTX 1050; I expected to take much more of a performance hit on an old rig like this than what I experienced.

    What? We have to buy the new version? I think there's a misunderstanding, because the store page says that we get all updates free. Doesn't it? I'll take a look real quick. Yup, "Your purchase entitles you to receive all future updates free of charge"

    This is awesome! It's furnished, but it doesn't have unnecessary clutter. It has good flow, it's not unnecessarily complicated; it's awesome. Thank you for this :):thumbup::thumbup:

    Dude, this is freaking awesome! Normally, I can't stand people's decorations, room dividers and peacocks and crap, but finally someone submits something I can actually use. Thank you so much! I'll be looking forward to seeing your pub :)

    I think I've got to put this one on hold for a bit. My original vision was just a forty room hotel. That was easy to do; each floor had four little clumps of five units, with halls in between and down the middle. With a small hotel like that, I don't expect that much. Staff break room, staff washer/dryer room, a few conference rooms, a small cafeteria that offers one of those little continental breakfasts and watered down coffee, a tiny little swimming area where you know the kids of every hotel patron have peed in. All of that's easy to do. But then I tried to go big by turning a tiny hotel into a couple thousand unit resort. That's the type of place I'd expect a few more amenities from. My little pee and chlorine swimming hole had better be like a legit swimming pool, my tiny cafeteria with it's limp bacon and powder eggs better be like an actual dining area. Places like that have little gift shops. The resort I was in even had an entertainment area; I got to see Laser Floyd. My crappy hotel coffee had better be like a Starbuck's kiosk, or at least a Dunkin' Donuts. So, there's things I want to see if we get, and there's other stuff I'm not certain how to pull off yet. So, I'm going to leave this blueprint as a small, half destroyed hotel for now.

    I took down most of my blueprints, as I want to rework most of them. But this little number doesn't need much rework in my opinion. Here's the side view (picture 1), front view (pic 2), first floor, and second floor. There is nothing new in this version compared to the last one, but it coincides with my Hot Mess Hotel. I really do use Hot Mess in every world I start. However, sometimes, the character that I'm roleplaying will take one look at that place and walk away. That hotel is potentially a huge endeavor; I see pools and spas, conference rooms, staff break rooms, a gym, linen closets, cafeterias; all types of stuff. Some of my characters see that and freak. So, for them, I place this little house a short way down the beach. It doesn't have many special amenities; a stove, a corresponding table and chair, a couch for a quick power nap, a desk to sit and dream, scheme, and contemplate, and a bathroom ( again to dream, scheme, and contemplate). Oh, the back! I'll have to throw a picture of that up, too. There we go, pic#5. The back is completely unfurnished, bc I've never really found a use for it. I could put a barbecue back there, but that means I have to have a door leading from the bathroom to outside, which I don't like. I could shorten the bathroom, but I hate tiny bathrooms, they feel claustrophobic to me, and how am I to daydream in such a tiny space? Anyway, there ya have it, my tiny Bachelor Pad.

    What in the world is this jank? Lol, it's how I start every world. My character wakes up in front of this building (picture 1) with no clue of what it is or even where he/she is. Upon entry (picture 2), it appears to be part of a hotel. You have the little reception desk there, the room to the right (picture 3) contains the stairs to the second floor, to the left (picture 4) is a hall with a series of rooms. None of these rooms are furnished (picture 5). So, what the heck's going on? Maybe my character was part of a demolition crew and took a nasty bump on the head. Or perhaps they're part of a construction crew. Perhaps they're in a computer simulation, with instructors watching to see what the character does. Or a variety of other options. This is how I start all of my games, because it opens a variety of possibilities for me. If I place fully constructed buildings, what's left to do with it? I fill the pantries and closets, but then what? But with partially constructed buildings, I have a myriad of possibilities. Sometimes, I finish just one room and call it a day. Sometimes, my character finishes the hotel, considering it to be a test/challenge. Sometimes, my character changes the color scheme. Sometimes, my character hesitantly completes the second room, maybe it's like a "if you build it, they will come" type scenario. Sometimes, My character scraps the whole thing and builds a house with the remnants. Other times, he or she completely walks away, saying "i'm not in the mood for this Bob the Builder crap!". At any rate, I present to you how I start every game, with my partially completed/destroyed Hot Mess Hotel.

    Alright, this whole thread can be taken down if needed, as I won't be adding to it any more. Here's my thinking; I originally thought it would be convenient to have all my blueprints in one place. However, I've realized that this could get very disorganized. Let's say I submit five blueprints. Then, one day, I make an alternative to my first one, and then submit a sixth blueprint, and give an alternative to #2 and 4, and then 7 through ten, etc. That gets messy, I personally don't like sifting through stuff, so I can't expect others to. So, from now on, I'm doing one thread per blueprint.

    Interesting; hospitals are exactly what I'm trying to tackle, too. Through the years, I've made casinos, arcades, churches, diners; pretty much everything besides hospitals. So, that's what I'm trying to tackle at the moment. While EKG machines and iv machines came to mind, I forgot all about wheelchairs. So, thank you, I would have forgotten all about wheelchairs :)

    Desmond, I see the flag behind you in your profile avatar, are you a fellow military veteran? It's not a big deal, I'm just curious. Now, I like your organization of blueprints idea; everything a person's built under one thread. I think I'm going to take you up on your idea and follow suit. It should be easy for me to locate my old blueprints, as I'm the only one I've seen that uses a crystal skull I carved as an avatar :) However, implementing this might take me some time. Most of my builds are several years old and I think there were a few changes to the game, something like a character height change. I had my doubts at first, just like Deirdre, until I saw how you implemented your idea. Anyway, it'll take me some time, but I'm on board, boss :)

    Hot darn, look at that! Nice Succinite! Sorry to derail your thread; I'm a gemologist by trade and an avid fan of games, so when the two come together, I get a little giddy. People get minerals on your server? That's awesome!

    Thank you for this. It never dawned on me to make a subterranean city; that opens up a whole new world for me. Until now, I just slapped down road and made self-sufficient houses. But damn..... with these tubes, I could do a whole colony type of deal; housing sectors, a galley, a commissary, food production, research and development...... It looks like I'll be stepping away from RimWorld and back into Rising World again. Thank you for this, my building concepts for Rising World's become a little stagnant lately. Lol, just when ya think you're out, they pull ya back in. You, boss, are someone who I'll be watching on here, to see what else you come up with :)

    I hear you there, Graysilk. Anyone can wrap a box, but I want to wrap a box with the type of skill and precision that my mom did. She'd take the flaps of the paper on the sides of the box and fold them into precise equilateral triangles. No matter what size the box was, there was always equilateral triangle, and the tips would always touch but never overlap. Now, the wife says "why do you military guys always have to be so crisp and precise with everything?" But I say it has nothing to do with my veteran status; if I forked out this type of money, I'd expect a fairly precise wrap job. After all, this isn't a pair of Penn State sweatpants for someone's Uncle Mike or an iTunes gift card for a nephew; these minerals are often times in the triple digit price range. And it's not just dollar sign that's a factor; buying from me means you took time to come to my house and looked at shelf upon shelf of rocks, looking for just that right one. So, the detail in my wrapping should reflect the amount of time and care that you took in picking the mineral out.

    Yes, I was planning on it after Christmas. My shop gets pretty busy during this time of year. Plus, I got the brilliant idea of offering my customers free gift wrapping, forgetting that I can't wrap gifts to save my life. So, I have a new skill I'm trying to cultivate :)

    These aren't mine, just some of the pictures that I'm currently working off of. Some of us are architects in the real world, and can build from scratch. I admire that, because I couldn't visualize a house to save my skin. So, for me, architects like Richard Meier are my go-to dudes.

    One of my favorite things about this game is ease of construction. I've had several customers ask me "you built all of that since I've been here?" In addition, the game's given me new avenues of conversation. When I first bought this game, I was horrible at construction; all of my houses ended up looking like bland barracks. So, I went to a variety of Pinterest, diy, and Better Homes websites to look at pictures and floor plans. All I really wanted to do was get better at the game, but I unintentionally became at least moderately knowledgeable about different architecture styles. Granted, it's not a big deal, but it's given me better common grounds for light conversation and friendly banter. Most of my other interests....are highly specialized. In other words, while most of my friends aren't interested in gemology, aviation, metallurgy, and MMA, almost all of them have backburner plans about how they'd like to remodel their house or mental blueprints of their future dream home. Plus, my wife and I have great fun driving around trying to identify different architecture styles.

    So, in other words, most of my games haven't had any effect on my real-life experiences, but this one has and still does. Not only is that the aspect that I love the most about this game, it's also what I'm highly appreciative of; it's opened up a whole new world for me.