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    Well, as for me, I'm especially looking forward to this update for this reason: To see people coming back playing on my server, it's so boring to be the only idiot in an entire world...

    So we really are living in a computer simulation. Maybe this world is a Rising World and I'm playing Rising World with a Rising World. I think Red needs to change the name of the game again! 0_0

    And not only that, it means people who are living in the Rising World we play to doesn't know water and quench their thirst with fruits... An update is really needed by those poor people.

    An antique parchment found in a lost case around Jerusalem is telling us, among other things, that the water update might come before the day of reckoning eventually.

    In the end, I changed my mind. Actually, I realize the game would not be very fun if everything would drop on the floor. I think that it would be better to limit gravity to things like animals, plants, objects and trees. By the way, when you play on a server in which people are scrupulous, you usually don’t see matter floating in the air.

    So, after having played for a while, I made a short list of things that are bothering me at the moment:

    1- Bright white chunks appearing and disappearing in the distance when moving, especially in the mountain areas. Even though I don’t know if this an issue depending on my hardware (GTX 970), this is quite annoying and atmosphere breaking.

    2- Ability to see through matter. Especially annoying in caves when you can see behind the rock walls but it also happens with construction elements.

    3- Light passing through walls. Light, natural and artificial should only pass through openings.

    4- Construction still too “Mincraftish” and limiting. For me, it would be perfect if we could also build in a 45° fashion and have a 1:2 scale available for every blocks. However, if the modular/resizing/rotating system currently implemented with wood beams could be also implemented for every blocks it would make the construction system totally limitless. No scale and angle limitation, this is the absolute builder dream.
    Also, a tool to build round walls would be very welcome (es. A circle that could be drawn and wuold could act like the grid by snapping blocks on its tangents).

    In my humble opinion, the game is not mature enough to make precise suggestions however, there’s a macro feature I'd like to see included and that's a basic simulation of physics with blocs and possibly even terrain, by basic I mean thing falling down to the first bloc below, nothing more (I'd exclude some Medieval Engineer kind of physics for instance).
    I don't know if it's technically implementable in this game engine but that would be great not to see things floating in the air anymore, it would improve realism a great deal.