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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    'He and Wavshapr are playing with them right now for testing purposes'

    Only for testing purpose??? :thumbsup:

    Here is what i think is happening atm @headquarters:
    dev1: almost at the end off this nice looking dungeon
    dev2: yeah, didnt found any errors, everything runs the same as last week ;)
    dev1: yeah, u think whe can release it in a few days?
    dev2 (with evil smile :evil:): nahh, lets let them wait a bit longer. So when they are on the brink off going insane whe can give them a nice cristmas pressent :evil:
    dev1: sounds good to me, u wanna go explore another undersea dungeon for some better loot? :thumbsup:

    Ssome off the above is completly fictional ;)

    Wath about baths / showers for ure house? Good idee for the thea. Also freaking out for the dungeons + models update. Its going to add a whole lot to the game. Whe can start exploring, discover treasures (maybe new weapons to find in the depts off dungeons), battle wild animals/persons,....

    And with new models and animations the visual appearance off the game whil go onwards to. And hopefully new stuff like hairdryers, make up (for women), razors and stuff like that comes out in that update?

    @zfoxfire I disagrea with the mention the game runs great. I think there is a whole lot off room to improve preformance off the game. I have a intel i7-5960X (oc'ed to 4ghz/core)+fury oc and the game only uses 1 thread to the max and the other are almost idle, and always have around 20-30fps. So i think there is some bug with cpu's that have a lot off treads. Also its still alpha game so optimalizations will be made when the finish line is in seight. Here im thinking that the oldest code is probably not that good optimized for newer pc's?

    In the future are there going to be shadows added to the graphics engine off the game (it doesnt have to be super anti aliased soft-shadows), just some basic shadows to add more dept to the game.

    Also if in future updates baking and cooking are implented do u plan on adding proffesions to the game simular to some (MMO)-RPG'S that adds bonuses to characters so whe need to specialize in something and cant be good in all of it.
    For example: I'm a master artisan cooking and get more good baked breads then other people, but when i go mine i get less ore then master miners. But if i have spend lots off time doing mining also (besides cooking) i also get better in it (like the skill develpment off the elder scrolls for example).

    I want to end this post with a huge question: is there somesort off roadmap for 2017-2018 that gives us some clues on when u want to have something implemented.
    What i mean is something like:
    Q1 -> dungeons and new annimations/models
    Q2-> electricity?
    summer -> ...

    - If i have a full inventory and take back a scaffolding (or any object) it just disapears. Did not get a inventory full warning (just lucky i stopped mining i guess) so didnt know my inventory wass full.
    - cant take back modern lamps: already confirmed by red that it wont be possible to do, but can whe get a medieval replacement for the candelier (with torches in place off lightbulbs)
    - if i have a block wall of lets say 3x3 and hammer the midst block it somethimes dissapears in the block above. Other thimes if i have a floating block and have a block a few places beneith it is fals halfway trough the block on the ground

    things i like to see in future updates:
    - The abbility the set the maximum fps in the menu (i set it to 120fps in settings file, @200 fps i get electrical noice @ grapfics card)
    - the abillity to set the max view distance higher then 21/50 in the menu (i set graphics-viewdistance to 42 in settings file and load at 75)
    - confirmes by red: abbility to take back constroction blocks (wood beams...)
    - A head mounted lamp (or dual wielding) so i can mine with a litlle bit of light without the need to place torches every few meters
    - in inverted arc block / a 'tip' triangle block

    - professions: the ability to master different proffesions (master baker/master builder/expert gatherer/...) with gives the player some bonuses (like +x ore extra while mining depending on preoffesion?). This could be good for more economy styled servers so everyone needs to specialize in a differnt job.

    Is it possible to create glass-in-lead for medieval churches?

    For the rest everything seems ok, didnt fall trough scaffoldings anymore.

    good to know that in the future whe are able to replace some GUI elements. Also better is that whe can retake construction elements and not destoy them (whill be good for the woods around my place).

    About my performance:
    My pc is above the specs off what most 'normal' gamers have (intel i7-5960x, fury-X OC, 16GB RAM, samsung 950pro), but the ingame preformance and utilization off my hardware is underpreforming off what i think it must preform.
    If i set all graphics on highest setting in full hd (v-sync off) the i get around 25fps if not to many stuff is in the neighborehood (not sure if the game renders everything around the player or just the 'visible world'?). If i look at my system utilization i only see 1 CPU thread at 96% and the other at almost 1% max, only 1GB RAM usage, and GPU usage is all over the place (from 0% to max 75% and mostly under 50%). Is this intentionaly or is there something wrong with my stettings/drivers?

    I dont think this game is limited at the graphics output atm, my system is literly doing almost nothing and i still get low fps. And i know its alpha atm and so non/almost non optimaizations are in place.
    java is also know for not alowing 100% system usage thanks to its virtual machine.
    Also C++ in combo with sfml (for example) are also great cross-platform not to mention vulkan for taking things the next level.
    And the core engine jmonkey is written in opengl & c++ i think?

    In this version off the game its not possible to pick up certain stuff (wooden beams / modern lamps etc..), while other stuff can be picked up easly (scaffoldings...). Will it be possible to pick up those stuff in future versions? I find it hard to place a nice shandelier, and tyhen reelize that i placed it wrong and need to destroy it. Im gaming on an survival + economy server so its a bit costy and hard to have my stuff destroyed if im not content with how i placed it.

    also in the future is the gui going to be remade? im a rpg/mmorpg palyter mostly and i find it hard for the chat to be in the upper left and not the lower left corner (also needs a scrollern and ability to resize this window). And the player health and food/drink to be seperated in 32 corners is a bit tricky to see, better is tho have them in the middle off the screen for me. This is also better so i can see the F3 commands and fps/cpu charts without overlapping the other chat/drink windows.

    Also a realy small question: why did u (@red) programmed this game in java and not c++?

    With the not walking bug the admins on our server gave us fly permission, with this i so a whole lot off plant uderground (also some floating trees and so). I know this is a side effect off the water update that biomes where overwritten. Checked also in an old singleplayer game and there it also ocours. Isnt there some script, command that u can pass over the gameworld so that all plant/trees spawn at ground level and not below/abbove? Same with not conecting worldpieces,i know u can fix those with f10 in creative mode, but isnt it possible to run a command on the whole wolrd (1 time for multiplayer server->no server wipe) that fixes tings like that?

    since yesterday i get a lot of problems when tryig to acces my favorite multiplayer server. Lots off java errors when trying to load the server.



    Seems there is something with the new api implementation?
    Also seems the game is using an old java version (v8 u91 vs latest v8 u112)?

    EDIT: i have fresh installed windows and all driver, installed basic software (firefox, musicplayer,...) -> didnt instal java (hate it to have installed it on my pc, same as flash).

    PC specs:

    @red51 it doesnt matter if i change the fov, it only amplifies the effect for me personaly. Just for the sake of experimenting i have set the fov to the max and there u can clearly see how the world distortion is. in other first person games i played (skyrim,..) i havent had this distorted feeling when looking at the world. Its nothing major, it only bugs me when building my cathedral ingame ;)

    Good news for the roofs, hope 'very soon' means somthing like in the comming weeks, together with the dungeons update? :rolleyes:

    Also is it possible to adjust the viewdistance off player made buildings? my pc is almost doing nothing while playing this game (all settings maxed: cpu max 10%, GPU max 50%), and my building is realy huge (currently 300x120x120 blocks and not done yet) so it littraly pops up if u come close. This realy kills the motivation to build real wolrd buildings on real scale :( . Love to see tall buildings from mile away. I know its an EA game and u still have lots off optimalizations to do so its no big deal if this is not going to happen in alpha/beta fase.

    Don't know if it is mentioned already, but i still having issues with scaffoldings. I use them to bridge to off my twoers in constuction, so i used like 15 off them (normal scaffoldings) to connect the two sides. Somthimes it happens that one off them isnt sollid and i drop right down. Happens more often on higher altitudes (+50 blocks from the ground).

    I also would like to know if and when there are going to be roofs added to this great game. This is the only real ting i currently miss for finnishing my buildings. Some blocks with a 22.5°/45°/67.5° slope with roof textures on them would be realy great :P

    And last but for me not least, does anyone also feel the 'viewing distortion' is a bit to high? What i mean is that it feels like u see the world trueh a small globe and for me it feels the distortion near the edges of the screen are to big compared to the real world.

    I know developing a game is hard, and i know there are only a handfull men working on this game. This is my second ea game and i like it. If i may suggest something to ease the waiting for a new update is to do a weekly devblog. If i may compare this gamedevelopment with that of parkitect i see a lot in common. But there the wait is not so hars as rising world becouse of the devblog. Even if red only tells us he has some problems i would be happy to read a weekly devblog.

    Any of u feel the same? To make the wait less hard do a weekly devblog.

    looks very good, any eta when it will be released (something more specific then sometime soon). Also how do whe 'mine' this water blocks? is there going to be a bucket or somrthing to store water in it?