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    Jebblue Thanks for the log! Indeed Vulkan runs out of VRAM which is the reason for this crash - unfortunately the Linux version is quite VRAM hungry and - unlike Unitys DirectX 11 or Metal implementation - suffers from memory leaks apparently. I'm pretty sure that's a bug in Unitys Vulkan implementation (but this could also be related to the HDRP). For this reason we've raised our minimum requirement to 2 GB VRAM some time ago.

    Only thing you could do is reduce the graphics settings. If you can make it to the graphics settings, you can change them there (select the "low" preset or maybe "medium"). If the game crashes earlier, open the file in the _New Version folder with a text editor and set "Graphic_ShadowsEnabled" to false and "Graphic_TextureQuality" to 0, then save the file. That should be enough to run the game without getting an OOM crash.

    Thank you red51. I tried those and got the game to start once with a white screen. Trying again, Vulkan keeps complaining. Trying settings which I use for my other games (Native Linux and Windows games on Steam Proton) and Vulkan keeps crashing the game. I tried my normal resolution I play games in 1920x1080 and tried the settings that were default in the

    1.5 on a GTX-660 with 16G MB RAM plays my other games including AAA titles (several) native and Steam Proton on low to medium settings so I know that is enough and probably will be for a few more years. Perhaps this new version of the game is doing some awesome stuff that even the current AAA games aren't doing yet. :-)

    I appreciate the effort. If you choose to look whenever you have free time, I'll add my latest settings and game log files.


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    Hi red51,

    Edit: I found the Player.log file per your instructions on Steam red51 and attached. I deleted the Vulkan cache file on a hunch maybe it needed to re-init but that doesn't seem to be related.

    I see Vulkan complained OOM (Out of Memory), my GTX-660 has 1.5 Gigs RAM, not a lot but I know I run Windows games with Proton with it, Subnautica at 60-80 FPS, ARK (though I usually run ARK natively), etc. so that error may not be related.

    My hunch is it doesn't like me having Java 11 as the system default. Not sure though.

    Good luck!


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    Tree farms really don't make sense come to think of it. Veggies should probably be like 42 real life hours / 60 in game days or something like that but that would be boring. Game balance is hard.

    In all seriousness you're not going to speed up anything by complaining about it. They don't give dates anymore, if they don't get ready in time, people are going nuts. "soon" means: it's done when it's done
    If it's still a few months from now they usually say "in a few months", if it's just a few days, they say "in a few days". "soon" is somewhere in between.

    I've been playing with libGDX lately, I see why it takes so much time to develop games.


    I use Git to backup my game worlds in various games. I noticed that the save game world seems really small, less than 1 MB, is this correct? Here's what the contents look like, is this the right world folder?

    JebblueLandRW.db worldParts/

    $ du -sm .
    1 .