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    Hallo Leute. Heute habe ich mich mal an einem Torbogen und einem Kreuzgewölbe versucht. Durch Einstellen des Winkels über "setr" könnt ihr mit genug Blaupausen so eine Kuppel erstellen, wenn ihr das denn mögt und per ID euch ein hübsches Kuppeldach erstellen. Ihr könnt natürlich die Bögen auch erweitern oder verkleinern.

    Für die, die es nicht wissen: Blaupausen dreht man mit ShiftR und den Pfeiltasten. Ich hoffe wirklich euch nützt und gefällt es.
    Die 1. Blaupause ist der einfache Bogen und die 2. der Kreuzbogen.

    Um Präzisionsfehler meinerseits zu vermeiden einfach nur mit dem Torbogen bauen.

    Hey Folks. TodayI try to build an archway and an cross vault. With the command "setr" and enough bluprints you should be able to build a dome. Use your favorite ID to change the look as you wish. Also you can make the arch bigger or smaller.

    For those who don´t know: with the right shift key and the arrow keys you can turn the blueprint object. I hope its useful and you like it.
    1. bp is the archway and the 2nd the cross vault.

    To avoid constructionfails generated by myself use only the archway to construct your own cross vault.


    I never play MC because I dont like the grafics. Then I found RW and it is fantastic. As other palyers already said the community is involved, many cool features are planned. In expectation of the features the price is "nothing". Cooking, breeding etc will come. There are so many opportunities in the future. RW is one of best games i have ever played, and its still in progress. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND BUY IT :D:D:D

    Only thing is, if you enclose the furnace in block walls, it might be a bit more difficult to open the side door. For me it helped to stand real close to the furnace and point ‚from above‘ to that door. Did work well for my 3 big furnaces i built into a house.

    Thank you so much for this answer. I build to close to a wall and now it works. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    1) Use the door at the side, not at the back. ;)

    2) Planks placed in a row are actually always recognized as one. That's normal, I think. The gap between the planks you can adjust by key, normaly it's [-] and [+] on the numpad.

    1) I know that I have to use the sidedoor but it wont work. In singleplayer mode it dosent matter I think but in mp its just causes problems beceause you can´t use two melters at the same time. And we know that 60 bars of metal are not enough :P

    2) The numpad is great for the precision of course. But sometimes the best way to build is without the G-button so you place something manually. Especially for a wall paneling, floors and roofs. And at the end the useless consumption.

    The first one: i build a second big melter but i can´t add burning material. It is not possible to open the ''door''.

    And the second problem: I set planks in a row and rebuild it with the crowbar, the game counts it as one plank and when I set them in a row there are little gaps. Only have this probs with planks and beams.

    Of course these "problems'' are not important for the game itself but they are annoying :D:evil:

    i want add to my minds :) :

    a more detailed nature... but im sure it is planned for the future

    and carpets. we have wool and cotton so... why not some carpets


    Chef: cooking every meal

    Master of the blocks: for useing x amount of blocks

    sea dog: for a long distance in a boat at a lake or in the seas

    Jack Dawson: for drown in the water

    i want to mind too:

    that it would be wonderful to build traps. traps for hunting and traps for pvp or to place spikes like in the dungeons AND mid-range weapons. laces, spears and things like that.

    and a big thing in general is the survival-thing itself: its not pretty hard to survival. yes the dungeons sometimes not easy but i am missing creatures trying to eat my brain.


    a pipe and pump system that allows to transfer water and maybe to build a watermill - used later to create flour and later electricity

    temperature and maybe seasons - cloths must be changed to avoid overheating or undercooling

    perishiable items

    straw and palm leaves for the rooftop
    iron t-beams
    maybe bamboo
    maybe the straw can be used for baskets too

    shingles - maybe made in a kiln

    hay (maybe later for the animals)

    fish and fishing, insects as bait

    more animals in general - im dreaming of red pandas.

    wandering animals - later maybe creatures, undead, npcs and kind like that

    a defending system - to time you can use a sword or something with rmb and lmb so shields would be great for the one handed weapons

    stones and pillars with a higher and shorter curvature angle

    grooved structure

    crouching seems not working

    maybe a special use for the bloodstone?

    i would prefer as animals horse and a donkey. the horse is much faster (for exploration) but the donkey is better for a higher amount of freights. AND both should be used as a draft animal. we could use them for a coach, a cart oder for a new way of pvp (a chariot). thats a good basic for streets and a little bit later for trains.

    first of all: great great work!!!! i have to say that i love rw so much, i buy it for some friends as present and they all love it!!!!

    but i really would like to see in the next update a plate armor and that the samurai-helmet cover the whole head. i actually love all the new weapons. so i miss the possibility to "show" them. a weapon holder would be very useful and decorative. maybe as kind of the torchholder or as a shield or something.

    i miss to some different looks of blocks for the rooftop. straw or bamboo would be great too or palmleafes. and some kind of shingle that looks like more a shingle and not "just a sliced block"

    and for me a big thing is the water-physics. i cant wait anymore to flood different parts on my map. every castle needs a moat^^

    and a little bug: the big lights shining through walls. im sorry for having no image of that.

    oh i just see this thread right now... i mind that in: where is the update. But youre absolutly right. maybe as some kind of gushers. oil for machines and tools... a chainsaw or something that helps you in your quarry...

    If I am right i can remeber to read something about a power system... , copper already ingame... so maybe we can expect an electrical-train or as others mind: a steamengine.

    Something crazy: a steam-robot that works for you :S:D

    our patience will have be rewarded soon. as red51 says: they want to made it good to make new updates faster. trains are planned but not included in the "great update" - so i understand it. im really grateful for the little information from red and the patience with us, the community and the will to stand always in contact and asking for whishes, ideas and that stuff. i hope i can handle the tension or i will explode *laugh*